Wizards and Warlords: Patch Adds the Mythos Editor

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Wizards and Warlords is an indie turn-based strategy game that blends 4x elements of grand strategy and simulation. You will play in a randomly generated fantasy environment filled with rival wizards and warlords.

New Feature

Patch was launched recently that features the Mythos Editor. This allows you to create a collection of entities known as “Mythos” that is composed of custom Deities, Deity Groups, and Planes. You can use your custom Mythos settings in your games or share them via the Workshop if you want.

The Mythos Editor can be accessed via a new button located at the top of the editor menu. In addition, data files now have metadata to indicate what type of data they contain. This is so that the File Dialog will not show any irrelevant files. Loading and re-saving a map file will also automatically update its metadata.

The developers admit that the Mythos Editor is still rough around the edges. So, they’ll be implementing some UI improvements and new features soon, including custom Deity or Plane Icons and even backgrounds.

Patch Highlights

  • Phantasmal ability given to the Phantasmal line of unit types. This ability allows replenishment to full strength anywhere in the world at the end of the turn. So these units are now quite powerful for conducting warfare far away from friendly territory as they just need to survive battles, and they're back at full strength
  • Inscribe Constructs: New Spellcraft. When researched, it allows adding the Mark line of unit modifiers when recruiting Construct (golem) units: contingent on an Arcane character being assigned to the recruitment
  • Improved the Major Faction seeding algorithm to greatly reduce the risk of factions being placed adjacent to each other and generally increase the average distance between major factions (player and AI rivals)
  • Fixed Fortification modifiers are not being applied for City Buildings as intended and shown in the building description
  • Cult of the Elements is now listed in the Deity Panel
  • Fixed a crash bug related to world generation
  • Fixed AI Rival toggles (i.e. the number of opponents) not being registered correctly until another setting is changed. This could cause a preset to be saved without such changes or a game to start with the wrong number of opponents
  • Fixed a bug causing an AI rival to become undefeatable despite losing all sites and armies

Wizards and Warlords Patch is available on PC.

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