The Winter Update for Fashion Dreamer is Launching Next Week

A lot of new content is coming soon. XSEED Games

The Winter Update, version 1.2, for Fashion Dreamer is all set to come out on December 4. This is the first free content update for the game. Designers can expect new content, new patterns, and new items, among others. Did we mention that there's also going to be a crossover with Japan's popular monthly girls' manga magazine Ciào.

Limited Time Fair

Aside from new patterns, the Winter Update also introduces to the game new Muse parts, showroom furniture, and photo frames. With this, the wardrobe available to Muses should see an increase. Some of the new looks are going to be available through the Limited Time Fair.

The Limited Time Fair, is a free in-game system which supports every influencer in Eve by offering a fresh set of objectives to finish each month and in return earn useful items and patterns. This system was designed to have approachable objectives that made sure to respect the time of the designers. For the first ever Limited Time Fair, everyone can look forward to Fantasy theme which has almost two dozen items in a butterfly dream motif.

Other New Content

The new update also adds the new Muse Notebook. This is an in-game journal which record the memories of the designers, particularly on the Muses that they've met. This is a good for those who want to seek inspiration from past encounters. Another new feature is the Lookbook which allow designers to save and then name their favorite outfits which they can then use through quick change or even share with followers.

Ciào Collab

All Muses get to receive T-shirts made possible through the collaboration with:

  • Naisho No Lily
    • Written by Fujita Hasumi
    • Serialized in Ciào Deluxe
  • Shining!
    • Written by Nao Maita
    • Serialized in Ciào's main magazine

Future Content

While there's no question that this upcoming update has a lot to offer, there are additional styles, outfits, and features coming in the world of Eve. It's planned to be released for free next year. By the way, the event functions and limited fair are exclusive contents for those playing on online mode.

Fashion Dreamer is available exclusively available for the Nintendo Switch.

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