Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori Coming to Steam Early Access this September

Windstorm Khiimori
A new adventure on horseback. Aesir Interactive

Developer Aesir Interactive and publisher Mindscape Games are inviting players to a new open-world adventure game where they get to explore the breathtaking landscapes while on horseback. Titled as Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori, it's launching in Early Access on Steam this September 2024.

In the game, players take on the role of an ancient courier rider and complete difficult missions. They also get to cultivate their nomad camp as well as train and care for majestic horses. All of this to learn more about the mystery of Khiimori, the mythical "wind horse" and the spirit of the earth and sky.

Explore the Mongolian Landscape

Indeed, horses play an important role in the game. They're essential when it comes to the survival and safety of the players. That means they have to breed horses and tame new ones They also have to train them especially if they want to explore more of the sprawling Mongolian landscape. To complete missions, players have to plan strategically especially when it comes to the routes that they have to take. They'll have to get across different biomes that while beautiful also has harsh conditions.

A Unique Experience

The game offers an open world aspect that Windstorm games are known for. For this title, the gameplay mechanics have been advanced to the point that it has become unique to the core experience of the game.

As players get to explore more of the world and complete missions, they get to cultivate their nomad camp. What that means is that they have to build yurts, manage items and resources, and train and care for the horses. The quests that they take test their capabilities to the fullest. To complete them, players have to have riding mastery and come up with a good plan.

While the launch in early access means that players can experience a new adventure, it also serves as a way for the development team to iterate and improve the game based on community feedback. A roadmap of the planned updates is expected to be released in the coming months.

Learn more about Windstorm: The Legend of Khiimori through its official website here.

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