Vigor Arrives to the PC through Steam Early Access Starting May

Vigor PC Launch
Coming soon to a new platform. Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive announced that the free-to-play looter shooter Vigor is finally coming to the PC. With this, players on the platform now have the chance to learn more about the shattered remains of post-war Norway in Vigor. It's going to be available in Steam Early Access beginning in May.

The game had previously been released on console platforms that include the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. This upcoming release means that it's going to be available in a new platform since it came out in 2020.

Reinforcements Pack

When the game arrives to Early Access, players can look forward to the special Vigor – Reinforcements Pack, which is being priced at $19.99. This version allows players so player with others on PC even if the game is still in Early Access.

The Reinforcements Pack comes with an exclusive uniform along with a unique title which players can show off as a badge of honor by being one of those to play the game on the PC. It also comes with a set of weapons and consumables from all rarities which should help players kickstart their journey to become the ultimate Outlander in perilous Norway.

Once Early Access is done, all progress is to be wiped for everyone on the PC. The only thing that's going to be bound to their account are what's in the Vigor - Reinforcements Pack. This is actually what was already done when the game came out for the Xbox back in 2018.

Season 18

Anyway, it's not all that's available with the Vigor – Reinforcements Pack. It's been almost five years since the game was launch and that means a bunch of Battle Passes have been released. With the Vigor – Reinforcements Pack players can access Season 18, or the Vigor Chronicles: Isolation This update introduced to the game the new Eikevjen Shootout map, M14 assault rifle, and the highly awaited Smoke Grenade. There are also the melee improvements.

Players able to get access to Early Access can also try out the Weapon Overhaul, something that has long been requested by the community. They'll be able to test out the improved gunplay and provide the development team with the feedback needed before the full release on the PC.

The full release of Vigor is expected to be sometime later this year.

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