Windows 10 VR Desktop Minimum Requirements: Microsoft Reveals Specs Head Of Headset Launch

The HoloLens is now available for anyone to buy Microsoft

Microsoft is expected to release a VR headset in 2017, selling for $299. Much like its competitor, the HTC Vive, the system will require certain minimum computer specifications to run VR content. Microsoft has revealed these requirements in a "Windows Holographic First Run" application, which can be found in new builds of Windows 10. Check out the Windows 10 VR minimum requirements below.

Windows 10 VR Minimum Requirements

4GB RAMDirectX 12 compatible GPU4-core CPU (includes dual-core processors with hyperthreading)USB 3.0 port

Pundits have noted the computer specs for Windows 10 VR are not as premium as specs for pricier VR systems like the Vive. Overall, it appears Microsoft expects its system to be more consumer friendly and affordable. In addition to the Windows 10 VR headset, Microsoft will partner with manufacturers including, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and ASUS to build other affordable Windows 10 VR headsets. These headsets will also have to adhere to the Windows 10 VR minimum specifications.

Microsoft is expected to host a Windows 10 VR launch event in mid-December, where the headset will likely be revealed.

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