Wild Terra Online Halloween 2021: Unholy Brains, Unholy Monsters, and Rewards

Wild Terra Halloween 2021
Wild Terra Halloween 2021 Steam

Wild Terra Online recently received a new update that added new items and made changes to the Halloween event. The cursed trees have grown and players can hang Jack's Lantern on them. Doing so will call the guards. Players must kill all the guards first before they can add more decorations to the tree. After killing them, players will receive a reward.

The event will need players to collect Unholy Brains, which is the currency used at the auction in the “Events” section. Using Unholy Brains, players can purchase any Halloween items. To get these "brains," players must defeat Unholy Monsters like the Unholy Rat and Barghest.

Wild Terra Online Halloween 2021 Patch

Halloween 2021 Event
  • The "Headless Guard" has appeared in the Corrupted Lands, it will not be so easy to defeat him, so call your friends and get better prepared for battle. If you still manage to defeat him, then you will have a chance to get a unique mount "Headless Guard's Fire Horse," as well as other, no less interesting items.
  • In your dominium, you can plant a "Sprout of a cursed home tree," and if you take care of it, then a "Home Halloween tree" can grow from it. If you decorate this tree with "Jack's Lanterns," it will remove all curses and you will receive a unique effect "Jack's Defense."
  • Added a chain of Halloween quests, for completing which you can get the unique title "Scaring."
  • Halloween pets and mounts can be exchanged for Demon Chests.
  • Added "Demonic Chests" to the Royal Treasure, Ritual Circle, and Draemeter rewards.
New Items, Decor, and Balance
  • Reduced the level of Unholy Bears in guarding "Unholy Trees."
  • Minor changes in the Halloween quest chain.
  • Added the new unique title "Scaring."
  • Unholy Leather is no longer needed, but you can exchange it for Cursed Brains at the Auction House.
  • Added 2 new Halloween paintings that can be placed on the wall. You can get them from the "Demonic Chest."
  • Added several Jack Lanterns on a stick as decor to decorate your yard. You can find it in the "Building > Halloween!"
  • Added decorative cursed tree as a decor to decorate your yard. It will not disappear after the completion of this event. You can find it in the "Building > Halloween!"
Other Changes and Fixes
  • Changed quests in some chains of weekly quests, based on feedback from players.
  • Fixed a bug due to which when catching animals for a quest, unsuccessful attempts to catch were taken into account.

You can read more about the update here.

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