Wild Terra 2: New Lands - New Quests for the Lumberjack Camp in Update 2.2.340

Update 2.2.340
Update 2.2.340 Steam

There’s a new patch for Wild Terra 2: New Lands that you can now download on Steam. Update 2.2.340 adds a new quest line for the Lumberjack Camp, as well as some upgrades to carpentry.

There’s a new line of quests you can complete that has something to do with the freshly set up Lumberjack Camp. You can start by heading to the carpenter found in Hartfurt. After completing the main questline, there will be 20 new daily quests in the Lumberjack Camp, though you can only accomplish two per day.

Aside from the Lumberjack Camp, the carpentry skill has received several improvements. The max skill level for carpentry has been raised from 55 to 60, and sticks, poles, and logs made of durable wood are now available. These can be obtained from Spruces and Oaks scattered all over the Thicket.

Update 2.2.340 brings combat balancing changes as well. One of the most notable is that the Sling now requires two hands to use. According to the developers, the sling was quite a versatile weapon with almost no downsides. That said, the change was made to reduce the survivability of Sling users slightly, while still maintaining its effectiveness on the offensive side of things.

You can read the other significant changes below:

  • Increased bolases flight speed.
  • Reduced bolases creation time from 5s to 4s.
  • Increased the number of bolases received at crafting from 1 to 3.
  • Now the higher the level of the target, the higher the level of arrows and projectiles of thrown weapons will be required to effectively deal damage. Higher level targets take reduced damage per level (5%) and are immune to attack effects.
  • Added a new type of feather: Harpy Feathers, you can get them from Harpies and their nests.
  • In the recipe for crafting copper and bronze arrows, Staves were replaced with Sticks.
  • In the recipe for crafting iron and steel arrows, Staves were replaced with Sticks of durable wood, and Feathers with Harpy Feathers.
  • Now instead of stones, you need to create Stone shells for slings.
  • The guide on Plague Island now sells bronze shells.
  • Sprint ability. Effect duration 5s > 4s. Cooldown time 20s > 25s.
  • Passive ability "Dodge Speed." Speed bonus 40% > 50%. Effect duration 3s > 0.3s.
  • Light armor at a high level gave almost infinite speed up. We are reducing the overall durations, and the passive ability will be more demanding on player melee microcontrol.
  • Most Heavy Shield skills now cost less stamina.
  • Ability "Heavy shield strike." Stun duration 3s > 3.5s. Damage from a weapon 10% > 50%.
  • Ability "Light shield strike." Stun duration 2s > 1.5s. Damage from a weapon 25% > 15%.
  • Decreased the duration of skills that increase the chance of blocking with a shield, and now the bonus does not increase the block from ranged attacks. This effect does not appear in the player's bonus list.
  • Ability "Backstab." Ignore absorption 100% > 85%. Chance of bleeding 100% > 70%. Bleed duration 8s > 6s.
  • All shields have slightly reduced Arrow Block.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands Update 2.2.340 is available on PC.

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