When Will GTA Online Transform Races Update Arrive?

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GTA Online's new Transform Races allow you to use different vehicles during a race Rockstar

Last week, Rockstar announced a new update for GTA Online is on the way. Titled Transform Races, the new update is an evolution of the popular Stunt Races as it adds checkpoints that instantly mix vehicles and race types between land, sea and air.

Via Rockstar Newswire, the new update will feature unique stunt tracks that seamlessly transition to different phases of the race that will have players pilot anything from supercars, off-road trucks, boats, planes, copters and even glide a parachute to the finish line. The blog post also confirmed the GTA Online Transform Races release will be later this month, but what we really want to know is the exact date we can experience the new game mode. Of course, we won’t know the Transform Races release date until Rockstar makes it official, but we can make an educated guess for now.

Earlier today, Rockstar released the new Buckingham Pyro plane to GTA Online. Rockstar also added the Howard NX-25 stunt plane last week and introduced the massive RM-10 Bombushka bomber on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Given the consistent trend, we can expect the GTA Online Transform Races to arrive on a Tuesday as well, which leaves us with possible new GTA content on Oct. 17, 24 or 31.

On Monday, GTA YouTuber MrBossFTW correctly predicted today’s content release to be the Pyro airplane. However, he also noted it was possible for Rockstar to release the Coil Cyclone supercar as well. Whenever the Cyclone comes to GTA Online, it’s very likely the Transform Races will come with it.

Of course, the Coil isn’t the only vehicle associated with the Transform Races – the official blog post also mentioned new races will feature the Hunter attack helicopter and the Batmobile-inspired Vigilante. However, it’s less likely these vehicles will accompany Transform Races upon release. Following this week’s Pyro, which requires players to complete 33 supply missions to purchase it at trade price, we expect the Sea Breeze (36 supply missions) and Nokota (39 supply missions) to arrive before we get the Hunter (42 supply missions). As for the Vigilante, speculators believe the Batmobile could be packaged with rumored Halloween content at the end of the month.

And since Halloween content may come with its own events and exclusive content, Rockstar may decide to move the Transform Races update forward to create a decent buffer. What's more, Rockstar first revealed the Coil Cyclone to GTA fans in August and it’s bound to finally arrive to GTA Online very soon. Could the Coil Cyclone and GTA Online Transform Races arrive next week? Let us know what you think about the prediction in the comment section below.

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