Wheel Of Fortune & Jeopardy Release On PS4 & Xbox One Nov. 7

Wheel Of Fortune PS4
Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are releasing in a $39 bundle or as $19 digital downloads. This is the first time the games will be on current-gen hardware. Both titles release Nov. 7 for PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy games have been part of nearly every console generation, but despite PS4 and Xbox One having been on the market for four years, the two party classics have yet to make their debut. That ends when the pair releases Nov. 7 as $19.99 individual downloads or a $39.99 retail bundle. A Ubisoft blog post has the full details.

Anyone familiar with the TV shows will know what that price gets you, but here are some specifics. Jeopardy features more than 2,000 clues to guess across three modes. Career offers leaderboards and tracking of wins and losses, Rapid Mode has fewer questions for a faster match and Family Mode tunes the experience to questions appropriate for all ages.

On the other end of the spectrum is America’s game, Wheel of Fortune. This version has 4,000 puzzles to enjoy in standard or quick modes. If you’re striving for ultimate glory, leaderboards will record progress, and chat allows for trash talking against opponents. There’s even a leveling system. Increasing rank allows you to customize your avatar with more than 250 different cosmetics.

Even though these two games have a fairly long history as video games on all platforms, this is a fairly new venture for Ubisoft. The PS3 versions were made by THQ, but, with a popular license like this, a change of hands isn’t exactly uncommon. Ubisoft did bring Monopoly Plus to PS4 in 2014, and while not totally analogous, we imagine similar engines and assets could be used in this package. Regardless of tech, just about anything could work well for a budget-priced party game.

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy release Nov. 7 for PS4 and Xbox One. As of now there is no listed Switch or PC version.

Would you pay $40 for these two games? Will you wait for a sale instead? Tell us in the comments section!

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