What's In The Season 2 Battle Pass For Call Of Duty: Mobile?

See what's in store for Season 2.
See what's in store for Season 2. Ubisoft

The Season 2 Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Mobile is here, and there is a lot to enjoy. There are several new weapons, dozens of skins, and even a new hero. For those who have yet to check out the Battle Pass, it's a free tiered system where players can unlock in-game items by completing daily and weekly tasks. The tasks include, among others, earning specific medals or using a specific weapon.

Completing tasks lets players collect Battle Pass XP. Once that's done, they can then progress higher up the Battle Pass tiers and earn free loot including Weapon XP Cards, Characters, Weapon Skins, Credits, Sprays, and even full Weapons.

Players can view their Battle Pass progress by going to the main menu screen and clicking the third button down from the left side. Once clicked, the button then reveals a player's current tier and current number of experience points.

In addition to the Free Battle Pass, Call of Duty: Mobile is also offering a Premium Pass which can be unlock using COD Points. This lets players earn more loot through a parallel tier stream. Getting the Premium Pass also unlocks Elite Tasks, which come with additional ways of earning Battle and Premium Pass experience.

Here's some of what players can expect with Season 2:

  • Free Battle Pass Stream:
    • This one offers a lot of festive rewards that gets players into the holiday spirit. Players can unlock Battle Royale class and equipment Reindeer skins, which wraps those class items and grenades in some holiday wrapping paper.
    • This stream also offers two Aurora Borealis weapons:, which are the UL736 at Tier 30 and the M4A1 at Tier 100.
  • Premium Pass
    • For players who get the Premium Pass, they immediately unlock Alex Mason to be used as a character across all game modes.
    • Players can also unlock the XPR-50 with the Alex & Frank camo, a Knife with a cool blue Alaska camo, and even a Trip Mine which also has an Alaska camo.

Sgt. Kamarov is also going to be available as a new playable character. Meanwhile, players who reach Tier 100 are rewarded with an M4 that is more suited for close quarter engagements. Other offerings include a few more Aurora Borealis weapons as well as Alaska and Alex & Frank-themed cosmetic items.

Call of Duty: Mobile is available on both iOS and Android.

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