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In 2016, Bethesda published Doom, which not only surprised developer Id in terms of sales, but Doom also received a positive reception from both critics and fans alike. To no one’s surprise, Doom Eternal was announced at E3 2018 and the first-ever gameplay footage was revealed at QuakeCon 2018. After an unfortunate delay, the game is now set to release on March 20, but that won’t stop us from talking about it. We have a few ideas on how it can improve on the original.

Monster-Horde Mode

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Doom 2016 had no shortage of demon types, but few fan-favorite like Archvile and Pain Elemental didn’t appear and that left us wanting more. Creative Director Hugo Martin was happy to announce that this will not be the case in the sequel as there will be TWICE as many demon types as in the 2016 reboot. Fans couldn’t be any happier as their favorites are making a return and new enemy types like Doom Hunter and Marauder will also be introduced. That said, a monster horde mode would be gladly appreciated.

Mod Support

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SnapMap will not be making a return in the sequel, as developers believe that those resources can be better spent somewhere else. This means that full mod support will surely be appreciated by fans as that will guarantee a constant supply of new weapons, demons, and even levels. Who knows, maybe someone may even end up remaking Doom 2 (1994)! The possibilities are endless.

Rewarding Glory Kills

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Fans were initially skeptical toward Glory Kills. A scripted melee takedown animation that takes you out of the action doesn’t seem like a good idea on paper, however the execution of it couldn’t be more perfect. The animations were top-notch, and they even took direction and stance into account. And, with each type of demons having a separate set of Glory Kills, it ensured that these kills didn’t get repetitive. Glory kills aren't there just for the gore, they reward players with more Health and Ammo pickups. Glory kills in Doom Eternal can be even more satisfying as we have new killing machines like Arm-Blade and Super Shotgun “MEAT HOOK” to Rip and Tear through hordes of Demons that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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