What Does Snapchat Moon Symbol Mean? Moon Icon Button May Not Be What You Think

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Noticed a new moon symbol on Snapchat but aren't sure what it means? Find out why the moon icon button is there and how to use it. iDigitalTimes

Noticed a new moon button or icon appearing on your Snapchat screen but don’t know what it means? Find out what the new moon symbol is actually for and what it does.


On Wednesday night, there was a flurry of internet activity as droves of Snapchat users first noticed a new icon appearing on their Snap cameras near the flash. The icon is the outline of a moon. When you tap on it, the moon fills in to solid white but nothing else seemingly happens. So what is this new moon icon or symbol all about? Does it having any special meaning? Why is it even up there?

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Users noticed a moon icon in Snapchat this week, but what does it mean? Photo: iDigitalTimes

Snapchat Moon Button Meaning: What Is It For?

We’re not exactly sure why people are suddenly noticing the moon symbol on Snapchat, but it fact, the feature has actually been around for a while. The moon is placed next to the camera flash icon because it is related to your camera. The moon icon is there to toggle the Night Mode or Low-light Camera mode on an off. When you tap the moon to fill it in, then the low-light camera is turned on. If you don’t noticed anything different, you aren’t alone. I’ve toggled the button in several different dark dim settings and it seems to do little more than add a tiny bit more light to the screen. It definitely doesn’t improve the quality of the photo at all. It basically seems like a pointless feature IMO.

The fact that the low-light camera does so little to improve picture quality in dim lighting is probably why so many people were confused about what the moon symbol actually means. Some users even speculated that it might be a kind of “do not disturb” mode like on iPhones.

What's New With Snapchat?

While it’s been a little while since Snapchat added any new hidden or secret features like emojis and trophies, its most recent update did allow users to make snapcodes for any web address quickly and easily. The new feature is great for anyone who wants another way to get users engaged with their content or simply visiting their website.

snapchat moon icon mean what does moon button on snapchat mean moon symbol snapchat spectacles
Snapchat Spectacles are the latest of Snap Inc's innovations. Photo: Snap Inc.

In the last several months, the company behind Snapchat (Snap Inc.) has been busy preparing for its upcoming IPO, it has also spent more time focusing on its latest augmented reality tool, Spectacles. While initially Spectacles could only be purchased from special Snapchat Spectacles kiosks that appeared in random locations, the company recently made the new AR glasses available for purchase by anyone online for $129.99.

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