'Westworld' Season 2 Wishlist: Samurai World Needs To Happen, Plus 5 Other Things We Want

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Westworld went nuts in episode 10 HBO

The hype for HBO’s Westworld Season 2 is real and I can’t wait to see what the creators come up with in 2018. That said, I have some suggestions, desires, demands … OK, demands are a bit aggressive, but the fandom is real y’all. Here’s what I’d like to see in the HBO series.

-Samurai World

Samurai world needs to happen and my reasons for it are completely selfish. I am an Assassin’s Creed fan and I’ve wanted to play as a ninja. Ubisoft has not granted me that wish, but Westworld can. We briefly saw the Samurais fighting during Maeve’s escape from the building, so hopefully they’ll bring that back to the series. Don’t care how they make it work, but I have faith they’ll do the Samurais justice.

-Less Dolores, More Maeve

I’m probably one of the few people who didn’t care about Dolores’ story. I found Maeve to be much more interesting of a character. She seems to be struggling with self awareness and really wants to become her own person. What I found interesting was when Maeve learned someone was manipulating in the finale, it didn’t cause her to break down like Bernard. Remember, Bernard started to malfunction when he was reminded he was a host. Maeve kept going along with what she believed was her plan. She didn’t break down. I want to see more Maeve.

-Dr. Robert Ford

Anthony Hopkins was brilliant as Dr. Robert Ford. I hope the character figured out a way to make himself a host, making himself immortal in the process and alive within the host. However, this seems unlikely as Dr. Robert Ford hasn’t perfected the hosts. They can still be controlled despite Ford’s attempts to give them free will. We don’t know if Dolores actually killed Dr. Robert Ford, but we hope we see Hopkins again in the series.

-More Bernard

Bernard is a host, but the other humans working for Westworld are not aware of this. Bernard can lead a revolution now that Ford has taught him all the secrets of humanity. I’m hoping they place Bernard in charge of Westworld after Ford’s “death” and plot a better robot uprising this time around.

-No Game of Thrones, Please

Fans of Game of Thrones really want to see George R.R. Martin’s world be turned into park. Martin even admitted he liked the idea of Game of Thrones in   Westworld, and believes they can make it work. However, I don’t think there needs to be a crossover. This isn’t Marvel; not all universes need to be connected. Leave Westeros far far away from Westworld .

-More Male Nudity

We’ve seen enough of Maeve’s breasts. Let’s bring some more man parts on-screen, please.


Not so sure what the endgame is with   Westworld , but I’m hooked. What would you like to see in   Westworld Season 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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