'Westworld' Finale After Credits Scene Reveals The Rebellion Continues Underground

Trivia: Did you know that all the 'Westworld' sexbots are played by humans? HBO

Sunday’s Westworld finale revealed all those big twists that everyone already knew somewhere around episode 5, like Will and the Man in Black being one and the same. Other big questions it dodged entirely, like the maze. Sure, it’s a metaphor for human consciousness, but who went all about the park carving it into fields and coffins and inside scalps? What was the point of making a metaphor so literal? Ultimately, it probably doesn’t matter much for Westworld Season 2. Dolores Abernathy has found her inner voice, the host rebellion has begun in earnest and now it comes down to us vs. them. We’re in this war for the species, boys and girls.

But whether you were drop-jawed or eye-rolling when the credits played, did you stick around? Because Westworld has adopted one of the hallmarks of blockbuster filmmaking: an after credits scene.

Here it is, in case you missed it:

Yep, Armistice is alive and well. The robot uprising continues underground.

Maybe Westworld Season 2 will give us some humans we actually give a hoot about. Because otherwise this slaughter is going to feel awfully one-sided.

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