West Hunt Expands Territory with New Map

West Hunt Update
A new area to fight over. NewGen

A new update is now live in the PC social deduction game West Hunt. A new mining two-layer map has been added where both sheriffs and outlaws take their game of cat and mouse above the surface and in the underground mines.

In addition to the new map, Update 1.2 made the Smoker, Shapeshifter, and Teleport abilities now rechargeable. Meanwhile, the newly added entry and exit doors on buildings prevent sheriffs on the outside from taking a peek of what's inside. The new update also brings new animations for outlaws.

There are quality-of-life improvements as well, thanks to community feedback. In particular, the aim positioning for sheriffs has improved and there is now a global chat on the main menu.

Sheriff vs. Outlaws

West Hunt is a game set in a small but bustling village in the Old West. While there are many kind-hearted folks from all walks of life, some hide among them like wolves in sheep's clothing. Outlaws do what they can to stir up trouble in the village. Fortunately, sheriffs arrive with loaded six-shooters and are not afraid to go after these rascals.

In the game, sheriffs and outlaws face each other in deadly matches where good detective skills and matches are rewarded. As the sheriff, you need to observe the behavior of villagers and deduce which one is the outlaw. You have to do it quickly since there's a time limit. As an outlaw, you have to complete assigned missions, such as bribing the barman, poisoning the water supply, praying for forgiveness, and other things, before the time runs out.

Key game features are:

  • Belly Through the Brush
    • Dodge Johnny Law through randomized elements in every game, including outlaw skin and outlaw missions.
    • Sheriff hints are also located in random places each round to even the odds.
  • Howdy Pardners!
    • 1v1 isn't the only way to play.
    • Team up for 3v3 matches or play against bots.
    • Create unique rules with custom games.
  • Quit Yer Yammering
    • In-game voice chat means outlaws and sheriffs can taunt one another to their heart's content.
  • Best Dressed in the West
    • Customize the look of the sheriff, personalize winning and losing emotes, and even get a helper hound to sniff out trouble.

West Hunt is available on PC via Steam. As part of this new update, the game is currently being offered at 10% off until July 14.

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