Weird West Update 1.01 Increases Auto Save Slots to 5

Weird West
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Weird West , the top-down role-playing game, was recently released on all major consoles. The developer also released the very first update for the game. Update 1.01 brings QoL changes, stability improvements, and a plethora of bug fixes. The patch made changes to the Auto Save Slots and Manual Save Slots as well.

We have mentioned the highlights of the update below:

  • Your Horse now stops if it was moving while if you attempt to search their Saddlebags (and Saddlebags won't auto-close if they restart moving for whatever reasons, but will still auto-close if you move away from your Horse)
  • You can now access your Companions and Horse inventory directly from the Shop UI to resell items directly from their inventory
  • Wanderers now also buy Junk Items to give more opportunities to resell such items while on the road
  • The game now cycles through 5 x Auto Save Slots instead of 3, so you can more easily backtrack through save files if needed
  • Game Pass PC Build now uses 10 Manual Save Slots like on Xbox (up from 5) so it matches for Save Roaming between both platforms
  • The Protector Journey Hero recruited as a Companion will no longer wrongly quit your Posse when receiving friendly fire
  • Bolt-Action Forester Rifles now have their correct icon in the Weapon Wheel
  • Improved throwable weapons (eg dynamites etc) throw arc and speed so they are easier to use in combat and can easily be sent through door frames etc
  • Decreased HOLD time on Scrap Weapon interaction to be standard HOLD interact time to make it less annoying to scrap multiple weapons in a row
  • Added an option so that player can transfer at once all junk items from their inventory to a companion, horse, or container inventory
  • Made all Bounty Targets Intro Line non-blocking so that player doesn't get derailed by a blocking conversation while fighting or sneaking on their target
  • Made it so that if you return a handcuffed Bounty Target, they only have a low chance of later jailbreaking and starting a vendetta against you (was previously 100% when it should have been 15%)
  • Companions now auto use bandages they have in their inventory when their health drops below 40% (instead of the threshold being at 25%)
  • Tuned distraction noise made by throwing props around so AIs will react to it from further away, allowing player more control over this system
  • Added Loading Hint about Companions not requiring Ammo to use ranged weapons
  • You can drop items from your inventory when browsing containers/NPCs inventory and opening your inventory side panel
  • Made it clearer on the Crafting UI which is the item you produce and which are the items needed

You can check out the complete patch notes over here as well.

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