Weird West Patch 1.04E Addresses Some Easy-to-Fix Bugs

Weird West
Weird West Devolver Digital

Weird West, the action role-playing game by Devolver Digital, just received a small patch. The developer released Patch 1.04E to address some easy-to-fix bugs, so players won’t have to wait for a long time. These were part of the recently reported set of issues.

The dev also confirmed that they are aware of the freezing bug on Steam Deck. They are investigating the issue where looking at abilities helper videos in the ABILITIES TAB of the Journal will cause problems with the Deck. Meanwhile, enjoy the bug fixes mentioned below:

  • Fixed bug where some town locations would not go abandoned after wiping their population
  • Fixed blocker bug that can happen in Protector Journey where either Maryann or West Standing Woman refuses to talk to you despite the objective leading you to them
  • Hide the rival distillery sidequest location until the sidequest is active to avoid stumbling out of context on a bunch of raging farmers attacking you on sight
  • Fixed a couple of Russian translation issues with Vendetta dialogs
  • Fixed rare blocking bug with the Crime & Punishment side quest where the Oneirist enrolled for the Ritual would decide to be the quest giver for the Once Upon a Dream Side Quest
  • On PC, force the game to startup Full Screen rather than borderless to avoid resolution issues
  • Fixed Localization issue in Traditional Chinese with the golden shovel and erroneous punctuation in some of the Protector Journey starting dialogs
  • Cleaned up Thriving Place of occurrences where NPCs would walk into fireplaces or damage themselves on pickups lying on the ground which could result in a weird mess with the AI Detection/Awareness system
  • Fixed various bugs with the wrong weapon being the one equipped or assigned to the Quick Swap slot when multiple variations of the same base weapon exist in inventory
  • Increased some of the AI Barks cooldowns to ease a bit the rate at which companions speak

You can check out the complete patch notes on Steam.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Weird West recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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