This Week In The Crew 2: Squadra Italia Highlights Performance And Style

Il dolce far niente.
Il dolce far niente. Ubisoft

Italy is known for a lot of things and one of them is racing. This week, The Crew 2 puts Italian rides in the spotlight. The LIVE Summit is all about Squadra Italia, which shows performance and style combined. It starts on June 17 and lasts until June 23.

There are three skills at stake in this week’s LIVE Summit. The first is Speedtrap where racers try to get as much speed as they can and then drive by a camera which records their speed. While it may initially sound easy, the vehicle has to be moving in front of the camera in order for the skill to be considered completed. In addition, speeds that are considered too low are not recorded. Then there is Slalom where players need to go through a set slalom course without bumping into any checkpoints. However, the closer the player is to a checkpoint, the higher the points received. Finally, from the ground we go to skies with Aerobatic. In this one players need to fly a plane to match certain positions on a set course.

For the racing courses, these include the Big Bend Observatory, South Trip, The Giants Everyzon Track, Central Valley, and Glacier Park Special Stage.

While this appears to be a lot, don’t worry too much as a bundle is offered to give players all the help they need. The Squadra Italia bundle includes:

  • Alfa Romeo 4C (SR)
  • Ferrari Enzo (HC)
  • Ferrari FXX K (TC)
  • Lancia Rally 037 (RX)
  • Ducati Monster 1200 S (RR)

For this week, the rewards up for grabs in the LIVE Summit include:

  • Platinum: Pagani Huayra Rubicon Edizione
  • Gold: Italian Nitro
  • Silver: Cheeky Emote
  • Bronze: 400K Followers

If you’re not all interested in the LIVE Summit, there’s a little something to help you celebrate the Italian Spirit. It’s none other than the Lamborghini, the perfect representation of this spirit. The Lamborghini Addict bundle offers the Lamborghini Huracan LP10-4 (SR), Lamborghini Veneno (HC), and Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 (DF).

The Crew 2 is a racing video game that offers players an open world where they can free-roam across a scaled-down version of the US. The game lets players control different vehicles and is not limited to cars as motorcycles, airplanes, and boats can all be used to race.

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