We Love Katamari REROLL Coming This June to Consoles and PC

New version. New features.
New version. New features. Bandai Namco

A remastered version of We Love Katamari is coming out this June. Titled We Love Katamari REROLL, it has the features of the original game but comes with new additions and improvements.

The game is launching June 1 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the PC version will arrive on Steam, June 2.

A Starry Night

The original We Love Katamari game was the second in the Katamari series and was released in 2005. It tells the story of the King of All Cosmos accidentally destroying all stars and celestial bodies in the universe except Earth. The King sends the Prince to Earth and orders him to produce a huge Katamari.

As a good son, the prince did just that and was able to grow his Katamari larger and larger, eventually absorbing different objects on the surface of the Earth. He created a lot of these Katamari which went back to the heavens and restored the beauty of the constellations.

With the night sky restored, people around the world were grateful to the King. Not wanting to disappoint the people, the King once again sends his son down and this time, to fulfill the tasks asked by the people.

Simple but Immersive

In the game, players simply need to roll their Katamari and collect the objects that stick to it. The goal is to make the Katamari bigger and bigger. Players start out small and inside the house. Here, they pick up the likes of paper clips and sweets. They can later move to town and collect power pylons and buildings.

While the Katamari can collect anything, it can’t do the same to objects larger than its current size. So, it’s important to plan before rolling. Once the Katamari is complete, it turns into a star.

Improvements Made

The remastered version introduces new modes and functions like the “Gorgeous” graphics level which is better than the “Usual Stuff.” Other new features include:

  • Selfie
    • Allow players to take photographs of themselves.
  • Improved Navigation
    • Helps guide players to their destination.
  • Eternal
    • Let players keep rolling with no time limit.
    • Allows players to create their own favorite playlists.

New Mode

A new mode has been added to this game version known as the “Royal Reverie.” Instead of the Prince and his cousins, this mode allows players to control the King, offering five new challenges from the King’s childhood.

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