The Way of Wrath Coming Soon to PC

A new kind of RPG coming soon.
A new kind of RPG coming soon. Animmal

A new and unique RPG is arriving soon on PC. Set in the Bronze Age, The Way of Wrath has players lead their tribe and fight to survive against the elements, time, and even an enemy that’s bent on wiping them out. The game is expected to be released in 2022.

In the game, players return home after experiencing defeat at a war overseas. They now need to rebuild the fort while unifying the people to survive the oncoming invasion. There’s a giant game world where players can explore, secure resource sites, and gather allies. Then 10 days before the attack, players get the chance to sabotage enemy camps and then see if they can survive the siege finale.

Features of the game include:

  • Players choose from one of five unique origins that change how others in the world see and treat them.
    • Explore each origin in depth through dreams and learn more about them.
  • Experience a freeform progression system for players to become who they need to be to succeed.
    • Classless skill progression ensures that options are kept open as the situation evolves.
    • Players get to adapt and overcome the challenges they face in a variety of ways.
  • Take control of the tribe.
    • Choose where to gather resources.
    • Determine which risks are worth taking.
    • Prepare for the inevitable assault.
  • Tackle disputes, make rulings, and enact laws.
    • Be wary of the precedents that are set.
    • The tribe acts according to the laws enacted by the players which can often lead to unforeseen consequences.
    • When players decide to break a precedent to protect their closest friends, the tribe may take notice of this corruption.
  • Deeds and misdeeds determine the reputation of the player amongst the people.
    • This impacts how people treat them and what options are available.
    • For example, a Warchief known as "The Truthful" is easily trusted while being known as "The Terrible" gives them power over the weak-willed.

Animmal CEO Dato Kiknavelidze shared in a statement that they have put their “hearts and souls” into this game. He added that they were excited to have partnered with Hooded Horse considering that they are RPG and strategy gamers at heart.

Meanwhile, Hooded Horse CEO revealed that they are proud to have this game as their published RPG. He went on to say that the game offers a good combination of RPG and strategy.

Wishlist The Way of the Wrath on Steam and GOG.

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