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A father comes to the rescue in For Honor as soon as he sees his son getting attacked by two enemy players. Playing the tanky hero Lawbringer and activating his paternal instincts, the dad won father of the year after managing to join the fight just in time to defeat both enemies and save his son.

The medieval fantasy fighting game For Honor pitches heroes from different factions against each other in what appears to be close and brutal combat. Players have the option to select and play several heroes from five different factions. These are Knights, Outlanders, Samurai, Vikings, and Wu Lin.

The father known as Henrystonetower posted the video on TikTok (via his account). At the very start of the clip, you can see his son shouting the very names of the heroes mobbing him. The father then tells him to try and get revenge while also sprinting toward the tower where the three fighters can be seen battling it all out.

He eventually lands some serious overhead heavy attacks and, as a result, the enemy Orochi gets defeated. Before he can execute a finishing blow, the second enemy, a Tiandi, kills the son. Henrystonetower decided to release a flurry of attacks, resulting in the death of the Tiandi enemy. Following a brutal execution, the father moves to revive his son and the clip ends with him saying, “I got you, buddy.”

Each faction in the game comes with a good balance of damage-dealing and tanky heroes. The Outlanders faction, however, is an exception because of its complicated mixture of adventurers, freelancers, and wanderers. The Lawbringer, on the other hand, is part of the Knights faction and is a tank hybrid hero. This character, in particular, heavily focuses on crowd control, disruption, and extremely heavy damage attacks.

The video is both fun and heartwarming, which is somehow the opposite of For Honor, a game known for its cinematic combat and flashy executions. Adding a father-and-son mechanic makes for a very interesting watch, and despite the game being difficult to master, it can still be perfect to spend some quality time with the family.

For Honor is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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