For Honor: Patch 2.38.0 Adds Side Dodge Attacks to More Heroes

Patch 2.38.0
Patch 2.38.0 Twitter/@ForHonorGame

Five heroes in the third-person action game For Honor now have side dodge attacks in Patch 2.38.0.

According to the developers, it is clear that side dodge attacks are important in For Honor. Since the Warlord, Centurion, Highlander, Black Prior, and Jormungandr are the only heroes left in the game that don’t have such an attack, the dev team feels that now is the right time to add this particular move to their kit.

It is worth noting that while the aforementioned heroes have side dodge attacks now, they’re not optimal as the move is not meant to be used during group fights. Instead, the main purpose of the attack is to just punish bashes.

Patch 2.38.0 implements some balancing changes as well. The Peacekeeper’s Dagger Cancel can now be used safely, giving the hero better options when it lands. Furthermore, her Crossbow feat now deals bleed damage that ticks over 10 seconds.

Here are the other changes:

  • Dashing Thrust can now be performed from 200ms to 500ms during a Front Dodge (was static at 300ms)
  • Bleed Stabs (Guardbreak Followups) now do a total of 28 damage (down from 38)
  • All Guardbreak Throws now have 200ms less recovery
  • Increased forward movement on the following attacks:
    • Light Openers and Chained Lights
    • Heavy Openers and Finishers
  • Increased forward movement of all Light attacks by 0.25m
  • Increased forward movement of all side Heavy attacks by 0.25m
  • Updated the trajectories of all Side Heavy attacks to better match the weapon strikes
  • Zone Attack now costs 30 stamina, down from 60
  • Chained Lights can now chain to Top Heavy Finisher at 100ms on hit
  • Top Heavy Finisher now soft feints to Fast Guardbreak instead of regular Guardbreak
  • Updated trajectories for Side Heavy Openers and Side Heavy Finishers to better match the weapon strikes
  • Side Cobra Strikes are now 533ms, down from 600ms
  • Side Cobra Strikes now have proper iframes
  • Front Cobra Strike is now 500ms, down from 600ms
  • Front Cobra Strike can now be accessed from 200ms to 500ms during Forward Dodge (from 0m to 500ms)
  • Zone Attack now costs 12+12+12 Stamina, for a total of 36, down from 20+20+20, for a total of 60
  • Charged Heavy Openers now move forward 0.75m more
  • Charged Punch now has better tracking to catch early Dodge Attacks better

The full patch notes can be found in For Honor’s official site.

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