Watch as Fan Runs id Software's Doom on Portable Medical Scanner

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The classic title is deemed the godfather of first-person shooter games.
The classic title is deemed the godfather of first-person shooter games. id Software

Do you think running and playing Doom on a medical scanner is possible? Actually, it is. Believe it or not, someone has found a way to make this happen. It seems medical equipment is becoming an interesting tool for playing video games these days.

On YouTube, a video will show you the game being played on a portable medical ultrasound scanner called Mediwatch Bardscan II. The latter, as the name suggests, is designed for scanning people’s bladders.

The mainboard being used to run the iconic 1993 title comes in a completely different model number, which means it is designed for various types of ultrasound scanners. The system, on the other hand, is powered by an AMD Geode processor capable of running the Windows XP Embedded stored on a CompactFlash card.

The channel host can be seen giving an overview of the device used to run the original Doom game. The Bardscan II, according to the host, was originally planned to be used on some of their sheep. As the video nears its end, they can be seen uploading a copy of the timeless classic game, just for fun. Although there is no sound, it still makes you fall in love with id Software’s retro release and how diverse it is.

Despite being released decades ago, Doom continues to be a popular game. No wonder it is deemed one of the godfathers of first-person shooter games. Not just that, it has also cemented itself in pop culture with a movie already made based on it. Even more so, the community continues to release mods over the course of nearly three decades. With how primitive its code and low-spec requirements, especially when compared to modern video games, players do not really need a PC or gaming console to run it.

Earlier this year, news about id Software hiring for an unannounced project surfaced. This revives the hopes of fans and players alike for a new Doom iteration. For now, details are scarce and no one really knows what the studio is exactly working on. But keeping in mind the success of the game and its never-ending popularity, a sequel or even a reboot would make total sense.

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