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Since its inception, ID Software has released a plethora of games. Its giant list of games includes many re-releases, expansions, and titles with weird names. Browsing through its Steam catalog can become quite a challenge. A newbie can get confused and purchase a game they didn’t mean to buy. Thankfully, that won’t happen now.

The developer simplified its Steam Store Listings. Several titles are combined, many are delisted, and various bundles are updated. The listing of DOOM games received the most changes; however, Quake titles are also simplified. You can check out our next article for Quake -related changes.

DOOM (1993)

The first DOOM game will now be called DOOM (1993) instead of Ultimate DOOM. The year represents its initial release year. The fourth episode, They Flesh Consumed, will be included as well.


Several DOOM II -related items have been combined. The new DOOM II listing will now include the following:

  • The original DOOM II.
  • The enhanced re-release of DOOM II.
  • The original TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment episodes (Previously sold as Final Doom).
  • The original twenty master levels from independent designers (Previously sold as Master Levels for Doom II).

The consolidation of D O OM 2 content makes purchasing simpler and cheaper.


The DOOM 3 listing change is similar to its predecessor. Now, DOOM 3 will include the original game, the Resurrection of Evil expansion, and the remastered DOOM 3: BFG Edition. If you own either the original game or the remaster, you will get all of the DOOM 3 mentioned content for free.

DOOM Classic Bundle

The Classic Bundle is now updated. Previously, it only included the first two games. Now, the Classic Bundle will feature DOOM (1993), DOOM II, DOOM 3, and DOOM 64.

DOOM Franchise Bundle

This bundle includes every game from the Classic Bundle, plus the soft-reboot DOOM (2016) and its sequel DOOM Eternal.

This bundle gives the player a Digital Deluxe version of Eternal , which includes the base game, story expansion, Demonic Slayer Cosmetic Skin, and Classic Weapon Sound Pack.

Unfortunately, it won’t include The Rip and Tear Pack or several Cosmetic Packs. Those you are going to have to purchase separately.

Delisted DOOM Games

These titles have been removed from Steam and can’t be purchased anymore:

  • Final DOOM (This will install with DOOM II)
  • Master Levels for DOOM II (This will install with DOOM II)
  • DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (This will install with DOOM 3)
  • DOOM 3: BFG Edition (This will install with DOOM 3. Players that own DOOM 3: BFG will be upgraded to DOOM 3.)
  • DOOM Classic Complete Bundle (This is being replaced by the DOOM Classic Bundle)

You can check out the Steam post for more information.

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