Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Brings the Warrior Priest to PS4

Look who's joining the battle.
Look who's joining the battle. Fatshark

The fourth career in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is finally available on PlayStation 4. The Warrior Priest is the fourth career released and also serves as a new career for Victor Saltzpyre. As the Warrior Priest of Sigmar, Saltzpyre gets up close and personal with his enemies. With his fearless and sassy behavior, he shines extra bright when throwing that hammer infused with Sigmar's powers.

The Warrior Priest can join or take command of armies in the field. They can also wander the lands, protect the borders, and even help out at temples that they pass.

Here are some of the details of this new career:

  • Career Skill: Shield of Faith
    • Victor blesses the target ally or himself with a shield and makes them immune to damage for 6 seconds.
    • When the shield expires, it explodes and staggers nearby enemies.
  • Passive Ability: Righteous Fury
    • Victor gains Hatred when enemies die near him.
    • At 100%, Hatred Righteous Fury triggers and causes all hits to Smite the enemy a second time for 20% of the damage.

New Update

A new update has been released as well which brings some interesting changes that include:

  • Levels
    • Empire in Flames: Fixed a location where players could get stuck.
    • Fort Brendanfrasier: Fixed a location at the end event where bots could get stuck.
    • Garden of Morr: Fixed a soft lock that could prevent the level from being completed.
    • Horn of Magnus: Replaced a low poly vista house with one that looks more in-line with the neighboring properties.
    • Chaos Wastes: Players can now switch away from bombs while under the "Endless Bombs" potion.
    • Chaos Wastes: The Chest of Trials can now spawn Minotaurs when playing a Skaven/Beastmen flavored location.
  • Enemies
    • The Chaos Spawn now deals less damage on grabbing a player, and more consistently deals damage when chewing or slamming a player.
    • The Chaos Spawn also now only either chew or slam a player as opposed to both back to back.
    • Stormvermin Commanders can now be cleaved through as expected after having mass modifiers added.
    • Maulers no longer have an attack deadzone, where they would stand in an idle pose due to having a gap between attack-type distance requirements.

Read the rest of the patch notes for Update 2.17 here.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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