Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Armor Exchange Relocated in Tools of War Update

Tools of War Update
Tools of War Update Steam

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide players no longer have to go that far from the Shrine of Omnissiah just to visit the Armory Exchange. That’s because the said shop has been relocated next to Hadron’s Crafting Station in the Tools of War update.

The Armory Exchange, for the uninitiated, is a shop in Darktide that allows players to purchase several things, including character and weapon skins, as well as new gear.

The Tools of War update also made various improvements. For instance, the game now supports AMD FSR 2.2 which gives better performance and visual quality on rigs with the right hardware. The latest iteration of AMD’s upscaling technology got improved to reduce ghosting as much as possible when enabled.

Players who are using NVIDIA RTX graphics cards are not left out because a new RTX Global Illumination setting is included in this update as well.

Here are the other notable changes in this patch:

  • Dev note: Shortly after the deployment of Tools of War, new mixtures of Conditions will be seen for the next month as we try out a variety of combinations together. Each week will see a different combination, and the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) will also see their own mixture. The combinations we will we trying out are:
    • Shock Troop Gauntlet: Specialist spawns are doubled and spawn in waves.
    • Ventilation Purge with Snipers: Fog covers the mission, and snipers will guard random locations in the mission.
  • Quelling of the Perils Overhaul
    • Lower quell times for passive Quelling, effectively twice as fast now.
    • Lower quell times for active Quelling, effectively 0.5s faster across the curves
    • (min/max Peril quell time from 1.5s > 4.5s to 1.0s > 3.0s)
    • Shift current Peril scale to not scale quell times as aggressively; previously, Quelling picked up speed over time, making high-Peril quelling more effective than low Peril Quelling. This curve is now more linear.
    • Increase passive Quell speed on non-force weapons; they get a 25% reduction.
      • This returns the non-force weapon passive quelling to the same levels as before the 1.0.30 patch, but with the central changes to Quell speeds, the difference between force and non-force weapons is more sensible.
      • Force weapon passive Quelling baseline is 12.5s, and non-force lands at 9.5s. Was previously around 24s for both.
  • Increased frequency of hounds in hunting grounds.
  • Slightly increase the number of enemies that spawn during mission objective events.
  • Increased explosive barrel damage, especially vs Monstrosities.
  • Increased fire barrel damage and duration (Duration changed from 8 > 15).
  • Increased how many of the same specialists can spawn on Heresy and Damnation difficulty.
  • Increased the number of specials able to spawn in coordinated strikes on Heresy and Damnation difficulty (4 > 5 for Heresy, 5 > 6 for Damnation).
  • Tuned down the amount of Dregs that spawn as roamers.

The full changelog can be found on Steam.

Warhammer: 40,000: Darktide Tools of War update is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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