Warcraft 3: Reforged Is Now Live On Blizzard Launcher

Enjoy the classic with a modern twist.
Enjoy the classic with a modern twist. Blizzard

Warcraft 3: Reforged is officially live and is now available worldwide. This isn't a new game, technically, but more of a recreation of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. This version is a treat for old players as it brings them back to Azeroth, along with a visual overhaul. New players will particularly enjoy a wide offering of new social and matchmaking features as well.

With Warcraft 3: Reforged, more than 60 single-player missions are available for everyone to enjoy with four powerful races to choose from. There's the Humans and the Orcs, of course, and joining them are the Night Elves and Undead.

Here are some of the features players can expect in the game:

  • Multiplayer between versions
    • This version lets players do battle with anyone as long as they play Warcraft 3 whether the original version or the new Reforged one.
  • Full Battle.net Implementation
    • One feature of the Warcraft series has been the internet experience. Reforged continues to offer the full suite of Battle.net in order to improve the experience.
  • Complete Graphical Overhaul
    • Reforged brings the original games to the modern world with fully overhauled characters, structures, environments, animations, and graphical effects.
  • Original Voice-overs
    • While the visuals may be new, Reforged continues to have the voice over recording of the original game. This not only preserves the authenticity of the experience but should offer that nostalgic feel especially for veteran players.

The Standard Edition is available for $29.99. The Spoils of War Edition, meanwhile, is available for $39.99 and offers goodies for Warcraft and even for other Blizzard products:

  • Warcraft 3: Reforged
    • Multiplayer hero skins
      • Get to ride into battle with:
        • Champion of the Horde Thrall
        • Daughter of the Seas Proudmoore
        • Fallen King Arthas
        • Emerald Nightmare Cenarius
    • World of Warcraft: Meat Wagon Mount
      • A favorite of the Lich King, this mount is known for its power as a siege weapon along with the sound of flung meat.
      • There's no question that the Meat Wagon is an invaluable piece of the Scourge arsenal as it striked both fear and revulsion into the hearts of even the most resolute defenders.
  • Diablo III
    • Mal'ganis pet
  • Heroes of the Storm
    • Unlock the heroes:
      • Jaina
      • Thrall
      • Anub'arak
      • Tyrande
  • StarCraft II
    • Get console skins for:
      • Alliance
      • Horde
      • Sentinels
      • Scourge
  • StarCraft Remastered
    • Gain the Spoils of War console skin.
  • Hearthstone
    • Unlock the Third War card back.
  • Overwatch
    • Four animated sprays
    • Five player icons.
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