War Thunder Update Fixes Bomber Tutorial on PS5, Xbox X/S

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Steam

Gaijin Entertainment has released Update for War Thunder that fixed the “bomber” tutorial in current-gen consoles and improved decoration cards, among others.

Bomber Tutorial for Consoles

The game does a pretty good job of telling you how to control the different types of vehicles via tutorials.

That said, those who are using current-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X/S or Playstation 5, may find themselves unable to pass the “bomber” tutorial. The devs said that this issue is only reproduced on these devices and has already been fixed.

Now, you can play the game as usual by passing the tutorial with flying colors.

Improved Decoration Cards

Because of the various vehicle customization items that are available in the game, you might get confused as to which decoration cards you can use on a particular vehicle.

This is especially true when talking about ship decorations as they are further divided by applicability on the bluewater and coastal fleet.

Fortunately, the developers have added a tag to the decoration cards to avoid confusion. Now, the cards will indicate the specific vehicle type on which the selected decoration can be used.

Patch Highlights Update

  • Armor-piercing values of Ground forces rounds and bullets, that are separate from ammo belts, have been added to the protection analysis
  • Duplicates of shells and rockets ammo belts have been removed from the protection analysis menu for ground vehicles and aviation
  • Overview and test drive options have been introduced for Warbond store vehicles
  • “Reset to default” warning has been added for switching to the new control device (gamepad or joystick)
  • Hs 123 A-1 (China): BR has been changed according to the German counterpart from 1.3 to 1.0 in AB and RB
  • He 112 B-2/U2: BR has been changed according to the He 112 B-1/U2 in RB from 2.3 to 2.0
  • A bug that made it impossible to interact with the research window in some cases after returning from the vehicle searching screen has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug which clicking on an empty space on the "Research" screen could lead to the opening of a group slot for vehicles

If you want to read the complete patch notes, you can head over to Steam.

So, what can you say about the recent update?

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