War Thunder: Update Improves Weapon Control Logic and More

War Thunder Update
War Thunder Update Steam

Developer Gaijin Entertainment has dropped a new update for War Thunder on PC, which improves weapon control logic. It also adds various bug fixes and improvements.

Improved Weapon Control Logic

There are certain vehicles in the game equipped with multiple weapons. Ideally, you can only control one, which means that using the same hotkeys for other weapons should not be a problem, right?

However, there was an issue back then where the hotkeys meant for other weapons would still work, even though you are inside an aircraft with an entirely different set of armaments.

This has created an overlap where it is possible to control two weapons at the same time if their actions are bound to the same key. This issue is more common in aircraft. Fortunately, the devs have found a way to improve the weapon control logic.

After applying the update, using the weapons available on aircraft will block the other hotkeys that are bound to certain actions for other weapons. This means that even though you have bound the action to fire aircraft machine guns and firing cannons on the same key, for example, pressing it won’t trigger both at the same time.

Correcting the Rangefinder

In a previous update, the devs have implemented a change in the game’s mechanics where smoke screens are ignored when aiming at a target.

The problem here is vehicles that have an automatic range input will use the maximum range into the sight, which means that your aim will not be on point if there are smoke screens on the battlefield.

To fix this, the correct rangefinder values will be displayed on the screen, though they will not be entered automatically into the sight. Think of this as sort of a guide when aiming.


Here are the highlights of Update

  • Helicopter sight stabilization marks will no longer be displayed in the ground vehicle sight after the air event in-ground AB is completed.
  • A bug with an inability to switch view from commander’s camera to binoculars if camera cycle mechanics and night vision mode coincided has been fixed.
  • ZTZ96, M41 SDF, leKPz M41, VEAK 40: The function of duplicated fire control for commanders has been added.
  • Conqueror: A bug with lack of the commander's fire control has been fixed.
  • Mirage IIIC: A bug where wing fragments in some cases remained in the air when a wing was detached has been fixed.
  • Ar 234 B-2, Ar 234 C-3: Separate bomb drop for suspended armament setups has been added.

The new update is now available on PC. Xbox and Playstation users may have to wait a little longer to receive it.

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