War Thunder: Big Enduring Confrontation Mode Changes in Fire and Ice Update

Fire and Ice Update
Fire and Ice Update Twitter/@WarThunder

Developer Gaijin Entertainment deployed a new major update for War Thunder called Fire and Ice. Aside from many new vehicles, this patch also features major changes to Enduring Confrontation.

Enduring Confrontation (EC) is a separate game mode in War Thunder that allows players to join in at any time, even if the battle is already near its conclusion. Battles are longer and there are mechanics unique to this game mode, such as modular airfields.

That said, Gaijin implemented some significant changes to EC. For one, Rank VII vehicles are added to the templates, allowing players to use them in ground battles and convoys within Enduring Confrontation.

Furthermore, all pillboxes in ground battles have now been replaced with tanks, making things a lot more challenging. Speaking of which, players will encounter the following anti-aircraft guns depending on the battle rating of the session:

Rank I
  • China: GAZ-AAA (4M), GAZ-AAA (4M)
  • France: Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
  • UK: Light AA Mk I, Light AA Mk I
Rank II
  • USSR: GAZ-AAA (DShK) > BTR-152A, GAZ-AAA (4M)
  • Germany: Sd.Kfz.251/21, Light AA Mk I
  • Italy: Sd.Kfz.251/21, Light AA Mk I
Rank III
  • Germany: Wirbelwind > Ostwind, Sd.Kfz.251/21
  • Italy: M42 Contraereo > Ostwind, Sd.Kfz.251/21
Rank IV
  • Germany: Ostwind II > Ostwind, Wirbelwind
  • Italy: Ostwind II > Ostwind, M42 Contraereo
  • Japan: M19 > M42, Wirbelwind
  • USA: M19A1 > M42, Skink
Rank V
  • China: WZ305 > PGZ09, M42
  • USSR: ZSU-57-2 > ZSU-37-2, ZSU-37
  • Japan: M42 > Type 87, M42
Rank VI
  • USSR: ZSU-37-2, M42
  • Germany: Gepard I, Ostwind II
  • USA: M247 > ZA-35, M42
Rank VII
  • France: AMX-30 DCA, SIDAM 25
  • UK: ZA-35, SIDAM 25
  • USA: M247 > ZA-35, SIDAM 25

The Fire and Ice Update brings technical changes as well. For instance, vehicles now show burning wheels to indicate that they’ve been affected by napalm.

  • The visual effect of aircraft crashing into the water has been updated. Its positioning has also been fixed.
  • New effect of flamethrower and surface fire from napalm has been added.
  • Visual problems with incorrect positioning of fires on naval vessels when they were rotated 90 degrees to the side has been fixed.
  • Sounds of explosions, hits, cannon shots of ground vehicles and air defense guns have received more dynamics and sharpness as well as punch in the low frequency range.
  • The sound velocity effect now also works for the sound of aircraft engines and cannons.
  • Chinese helicopters Z-9W, Z-9WA, Z-19, Z-19E, Z-10 received their own engine and propeller sounds.
  • AI-controlled ships will now launch torpedoes at each other and at players.
  • AI-controlled ships in naval battles may now explode from an ammunition detonation.
  • Reconnection to the session after losing connection or a client closure has been improved.

War Thunder: Fire and Ice Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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