War Robots: Frontiers Now on Early Access

Time for battle.
Time for battle. Pixonic

The third-person mech shooter War Robots: Frontiers is now available on Early Access. This latest addition to the War Robots universe is going to be initially available for PC. Versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are coming out at a later date.

War Robots: Frontiers was developed from scratch using Unreal Engine 5. This means players can look forward to intense and tactical skirmishes that feature heavily customizable mechs. During the Early Access launch, one map will feature destructible areas to encourage players to constantly adjust their tactics to accommodate the shifting landscape throughout the match. More maps will be added during the game’s Early Access.

Create Mechs

In the game, players get access to the hangar where they can construct their robots using a combination of parts and preferred weapons. The "body" of the mech determines the special ability like the shield ability of the Ares frame and bombardments of the Bulgasari. For now, eight different types are available for mix and match.

The special ability is on top of the weapons which players can slot to the shoulder hardpoints. Meanwhile, a total of nine different weapon types from close-range machine guns to destructive missiles and long range cannons are accessible.

Development Roadmap

The developers have shared the content roadmap of the game, which includes:

  • Early Access (November 24)
    • MGLauncher
    • 8 robots
    • 10 weapons
    • 9 ability modules
    • 1 map
  • Content Update 1 (December 2022)
    • 2 robots
    • 3 weapons
    • 2 ability modules
    • New features
    • Gameplay improvements
  • Content Update 2 (Q1 2023)
    • 2 robots
    • 3 weapons
    • 2 ability modules
    • Graphical and gameplay improvements
  • Content Update 3 (Q1/Q2 2023)
    • New robots
    • New game mode
    • First look at second map

Console Versions

Console players need to wait until 2023 when the closed beta for the platform starts. Later in the year, there will be an open beta for both PC and consoles.

Pioneer Packs

Pioneer Packs are now available on the game's official website or Steam, which includes the base game and usable in-game items. Those who joined Early Access can help the game development by trying new features and sending feedback and suggestions to developers.

War Robots: Frontiers is set for release in 2023 as a free-to-play title.

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