This War of Mine Now Part of New York's Museum of Modern Art Permanent Collection

A great achievement.
A great achievement. 11 bit studios

Game development company 11 Bit Studios is adding another feather to its cap with This War of Mine making another great achievement. The game has secured a spot in The Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the exhibition Never Alone: Video Games and Other Interactive Design, which is open until July 16.

This War of Mine was acquired by the museum in 2012, along with 35 other video games, to become part of its permanent collection. With this, the museum can now study, preserve, and exhibit video games as part of the Architecture and Design collection.

Talking about this new exhibit, MoMA Collection Specialist Paul Galloway shared in a statement that the goal is to understand video games as various parts, different tools, and techniques which designers come up with to shape the experiences we have with games.

He went on to say that when it comes to games, the conversation focuses on them being fun or as a diversion. However, Galloway added that there are more games out there that ask more of the players. He revealed that when he played This War of Mine, it not only made him tense but also made him feel afraid and sad.

A Different War Experience

This War of Mine was released in 2014 and is described as a war survival video game. However, what makes the game different from others in the same genre is that it doesn't focus on those involved on the front lines. Instead, it emphasizes the experience of affected civilians by the ongoing war.

As civilians, players need to do what they can to hold on. In addition to dealing with the lack of food and medicine, they also need to find ways to survive against hostile scavengers and snipers. There's no question that the game offers an experience of war from a completely new angle.

In This War of Mine, the pace is determined by a day and night cycle. During the day, there are snipers outside which means players have no choice but to stay inside the hideout. At night, they must do some scavenging and look for items to help survivors stay alive.

Don’t forget to visit the museum and check out the new exhibit.

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