Wallpaper Engine Update 2.2: Album Cover Integration, Fluid Simulation, and Bug Fixes

Wallpaper Engine Update 2.2
Wallpaper Engine Update 2.2 Steam

Update 2.2 for Wallpaper Engine introduces new fluid simulation effects and media integration to let users further customize their experience with the app.

Media Integration

In this update, the developers added the song Wallpaper Engine Update 2.2 data and album covers to be part of the wallpapers. This feature will only work if your Windows media overlay has data to feed the Wallpaper Engine. You might have to enable the feature if you can't see it the first time.

Fluid Simulation

The developers introduced a new feature that allows you to add dynamic fluid simulation to your wallpapers, and it looks beautiful. Combine this feature to make interactive fluid, fire, or even smoke effects.

Wallpaper Engine Update 2.2

  • Added fluid simulation effect.
  • Added Media Integration for album covers and music data in Scene and Web wallpapers using Windows Global Media Sessions.
  • Added cursor ripple effect.
  • Added gradient blend effect.
  • Added radial blur effect.
  • Added chromatic aberration effect.
  • Added opacity mask to precise blur effect.
  • Added alpha blur option to blur effects.
  • Added time offset texture to water wave’s effect.
  • Added puppet warp alpha bone animations.
  • Added puppet warp texture channel animations.
  • Improved puppet bone visualization with new gizmos.
  • Added polygon selection tool to separation/character sheet editor.
  • Added options to control maximum width and number of rows for text layers.
  • Added ability to record GIFs for Workshop snapshot in editor.
  • Added asynchronous texture streaming loader to improve wallpaper loading speed.
  • Added "flicker value" stock script snippet.
  • Added puppet depth map painting and replaced basic extrusion.
  • Added mp4 as supported image layer import format to file dialog in editor.
  • Added stutter detection experiment to video playback through media foundation.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed blend mode layers to not be pre-rendered when invisible.
  • Fixed timeline editors being unlinked when toggling preview.
  • Fixed customizable tag being added when invalid user property links are present.
  • Fixed image reflection not working when lighting is disabled.
  • Fixed font characters being unmapped too early and text rendering incorrectly.
  • Fixed particle editor viewport settings.
  • Fixed clean project dialog suggesting deletion of newly used files due to scene file not being updated beforehand.
  • Fixed playlist app shutdown/restart delta time not being used to advance playlist on load.

You can read more about the update here.

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