Wallpaper Engine Update 1.5.2: New Iris Effect, Resolution Preferences, and More

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Wallpaper Engine recently received a new update that introduces a new feature called the Iris Effect. The goal of this update is to make realistic eye movements. On top of that, wallpaper creators can also add multiple effects to make it look like the head is moving as well.

Another cool feature added by the developers is the automatic resolution filter suggestion. Using this option, Wallpaper Engine will automatically decide the best resolution filter according to your setup. Now, you can apply wallpapers for ultra-wide monitors without much trouble.

Wallpaper Engine Update Build 1.5.2


  • Added a new eye movement effect for animating the iris of a character.
  • Added automatic crop & resize when importing an image for a new scene wallpaper.
  • Added editor options menu to allow disabling auto-saving and automatic image resizing.
  • Added new resolution tag options and grouping.
  • Redesigned the advanced material settings button on individual layers.
  • Added new dynamic resolution tag for 3D and web wallpapers.
  • Added new UI quality/performance options to disable GIFs to improve performance.
  • Made wallpaper settings copy between monitors when the copy/swap menu is used.
  • Restructured the Wallpaper Engine settings to make them easier to navigate.
  • Added support for Workshop presets on scene wallpapers.
  • Added preview image option to general project settings and improved refreshing behavior of preview image.
  • Improved menu for property bindings to separate the removal of scripts, animations, and user properties better.
  • Added keyframe update button when auto keying is disabled.
  • Added hotkeys to toggle auto-keying in timeline animations.
  • Added option to specify source display for wallpaper cloning across multiple screens.
  • Added copy wallpaper URL button to browser.
  • Added ultra quality preset with post-processing set to ultra and FPS set to 30 by default.
  • Added a new config backup system that keeps backups of the config for the last 7 days of use.
  • Added more hotkeys to change the brush size, hardness, and opacity on the fly.
  • Added brush hotkey preview to easily see the hardness and opacity while changing it with the hotkeys.
  • Made brush sizes editable and changed brush size restriction to 9999 when editing or using hotkeys.
  • Added rotation controls for X and Y axes to puppet warp animation gizmo.
  • Updated various libraries used by Wallpaper Engine to improve performance and stability.
  • Added Farsi language, community translated by Behnam Ka, thank you!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cursor DPI scaling when windows are dragged between screens of different DPI.
  • Fixed cursor flickering when it's changed to pointer or text cursor.
  • Fixed script properties on certain object properties not saving correctly.

You can read more about the update here.

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