'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere Date Spoilers: Who Dies? These Characters May Be Safe From Negan

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Negan looks over his victims.
Negan looks over his victims. AMC

Someone will die in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. It’s happening whether we want it to or not. That said, we know there are a few untouchable characters that aren’t going anywhere, at least in the series return this fall: Rick, Michonne, Carl. Everyone else is fair game, but there’s a bigger target on some characters than others. Here’s who will probably join Rick and his family in the untouchables club.

1. Eugene

At first, I thought Eugene was a goner. He had a scene in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale where he gave Rick a recipe for bullets just in case he didn’t make it. Eugene also had a long goodbye with his best bro Abraham. It seemed like they were setting him up to die. However, there’s a good chance that scene was a misdirect. The show was probably setting it up to appear like Eugene’s days are numbered, but he’ll probably be around for a little while longer, at least until the all-out war with Negan.

2. Maggie

Maggie’s pregnant. If they kill Maggie, it would be one of the worsts death in TV history, right up there with Robb Stark’s wife Talisa getting stabbed in her pregnant belly at during Game of Thrones’ infamous Red Wedding scene. Maggie also has a great comic book arc where she rises to power in a very organic way. Maggie is the future of The Walking Dead.

3. Aaron

Let’s be real; the group isn’t going to lose that much sleep with Aaron gone. They’re probably extremely grateful he brought them to Alexandria, but his death won’t be devastating as they’re just started to get to know them.

That leaves Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, Daryl and Glenn. These characters are the most likely to be Negan’s victim, or victims. Who knows? The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere Oct. 23 on AMC.

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