The Walking Dead: All-Stars Dares You to Take on the New Challenge Mode

Can you complete the challenge?
Can you complete the challenge? Com2uS Holdings

A major gameplay update has been released for The Walking Dead: All-Stars which invites players to try out the new Challenge Mode. This latest addition offers three levels of difficulty along with rewards including Class-exclusive Special Gear and Enhance Material.

Besides that, players are tasked with learning more about two new original characters. The first one is the trained hunter Lang who joins the game with Warlord alignment and brings versatile attacks. Lang can be deployed either in the front or back row for different stat boosts as he can target the single strongest foe. Then, there's Blaine, a deceptive beauty who uses garden shears as a weapon that's sure to leave grievous wounds on her enemies.

Other new pieces of content from this update are:

  • Find a New Strategy with Popular Ranks
    • This new system allows players to learn more about who are the most popular characters worldwide.
    • Learn more on what the community is doing when it comes to strategies against the toughest encounters in the game.
    • Players can exchange fully upgraded Overseer and Warlord characters for a new character of their choice.
  • A Hidden Character Emerges
    • Search the forests near Asyl to get a sneak peek at the new character Rang.
    • Rang joins the roster in a future story update.
  • Tap into New Power with Benefits
    • Available for all mythical characters and also Warlord characters.
    • Benefits unlock additional power for Asyl’s survivors.
    • Up to 9 Benefits can be applied to a single character at once.

Quench Your Thirst Event

To participate in this event, players need to clear Stage 1-12. During the event, players need to clear Daily Quests then tap Treasure Chests to get dice, for a maximum of 10 dice per day. Players then must head to the Quench Your Thirst event page and play the board game using the dice obtained. Water Bottles earned from Quench Your Thirst can be exchanged for characters or items on the Reward Exchange page.

The dice is available from March 22 to April 3 while the Water Bottle Availability or exchange period runs from March 22 to April 5.

Other In-Game Events

  • Town Management Event
    • Event ends: April 3
    • Event Details: Complete missions on the bingo board (3x5) and obtain rewards.
    • How to Participate
      • During the event, the event menu is displayed in the Event tab.
      • Tap the Event menu and enter the Event page.
      • Claim rewards once each mission is complete.
  • 7-Day Login Event
    • Event ends: April 3
    • Event Details: Log in every day during the event and earn rewards.
    • How to Participate
      • Once you've cleared Stage 2-1, the event menu becomes available in the Event tab.
      • Go to the menu and enter the Event page.
      • Tap the gift icon for each day to claim the rewards.

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