Waframe Update Reworks Melee Combat On PC

Warframe takes the first step towards its planned overhaul for melee combat.
Warframe takes the first step towards its planned overhaul for melee combat. Digital Extremes

Developer Digital Extremes has released an update to the PC version of Warframe, revamping the game's melee combat system. The changes are designed to make melee attacks faster and less clunky, as well as be more rewarding and satisfying for players who use the new melee mechanics effectively.

This move from Digital Extremes is the first step in a series of changes and improvements designed to completely overhaul the Warframe melee combat system. This first set of changes addresses melee combat in relation to its gunplay counterparts. In this update, melee attacks have been revamped to become more fluid, ultimately making the flow of combat smoother and more enjoyable. Transitioning between gunplay and swordplay is now faster, and players have a window for tactical action without resetting their melee combo.

Melee Combat revamped in latest update to Warframe PC.
Melee Combat revamped in latest update to Warframe PC. Digital Extremes

Another exciting change is to the game’s ubiquitous ground slam abilities. Prior to the update, ground slams accounted for zero momentum and had players making a beeline for the ground directly below them in Roadrunner-esque fashion. Now, players have the ability to aim their ground slams, making the ability far more maneuverable and more versatile. With these changes, ground slams become a tactical ability for offensive distance closing, tactical retreat, or evasive re-positioning.

Considering the effect these changes will have on gameplay, Warframe has adjusted its key-bindings to accommodate for the new mechanics.


Blocking with a melee weapon is no longer keybound, it is automatic when facing enemies who are dealing damage to you in melee mode. Your Reticle determines all!


Channeling is now a toggle set to your alt-fire button when in melee mode.
Your 'F' button now exclusively swaps between Primary and Secondary weapons with a tap.
Your left mouse button is gun fire, always, instantly.
Your right mouse button is now aim, always, instantly.

We are adding a toggle to preserve one aspect of the older melee system. You will be able to toggle an option, allowing you to continue melee attacks with the left mouse button once in melee mode.

(Source: Warframe Forum)

Warframe’s Roadmap for 2019 looks like it’s coming along nicely. The Hildryn frame was released on schedule just last week, and the company is now moving towards its next series of goals and objectives. Melee combat in Warframe has certainly been lackluster, and in most cases, not viable as a reliable source of damage. Digital Extremes hopes to make melee combat stronger in the game, rewarding players who use melee attacks well with greater tactical advantage.

Digital Extreme’s Warframe has been one of the most popular free-to-play games since it launched in 2013. The game combines innovative mechanics with smooth gameplay, all on top of an effective free-to-play model. Because of its dedication to constantly improving the game, Warframe has amassed a loyal player-base and an active, supportive community.

What do you think about the changes to melee combat in the latest update? Are you excited to see these changes on the console versions as well? What upcoming changes on the Warframe 2019 roadmap are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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