Voor De Kroon Update 4: Cosmetic Changes and Battle Updates

Voor De Kroon Update 4
Voor De Kroon Update 4 Steam

Voor De Kroon recently received an update that featured several new cosmetic changes and fixes for major battle issues.

The New Units

The developer has revamped the aesthetics of units to make them more realistic. The latest update gives the units the right clothes for the era, however, the improvements appear ongoing with possible chances of new tweaks arriving in future patches.


Now, crossbows are reloadable and archers actually draw their bows and fire arrows. The stance and locomotion animation of all melee units have been updated to look more natural. Also, players should check out the last traces of the spinning sword attacks.

Battle Updates

With this update, the enemy lord can only be wounded and flee the battlefield when sufficient damage is inflicted upon them. Also, there is now a balance bar to show the morale balance between two armies.

Voor De Kroon Update 4

Full Changelog
  • Fix crossbow walk animation.
  • Show the formation you are attacking when hovering over enemy formation.
  • Lower attack distance when moving formations.
  • Fix formations not charging when given orders.
  • Fix archers sometimes not firing when not in view.
  • Change supply route boat to realistic sail Ship.
  • Add 1.5 handers to knights.
  • Add 1.5 hander to enemy lord.
  • Implement accurate frisian flag.
  • Add new sound for buckler blocked hits.
  • Implement blocking for two handed player.
  • Set correct throne room unit from player army culture.
  • Fix archers blocking infantry from moving past.
  • Raise morale balance threshold to win battle to 10%.
  • Fix bug causing infantry to drain morale stamina outside of battle.
  • Balance infantry stamina behavior, drain morale slower while fighting.
  • Move archer formation slightly out of the way when too close to eachother.
  • Show unit markers when moving formation.
  • Fix infantry wandering too far when formation broken.
  • Add disorganization modifier for unit positions for fanatics and conscripts.
  • Increase ranged unit route and skirmish distance.
  • Add tooltips specifying why sergeants can't be hired.
  • Add new unit icons for knights.
  • Make enemy lord flee when health depleted instead of die.
  • Tweak formation morale balance - start morale now purely based on unit count.
  • Correctly set unit animations when under fire at start of battle.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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