Visceral Games Was Making The Best Star Wars Game Before Being Canceled, Claims Former Dev

Project Ragtag
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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is one of the best Star Wars games, however, that’s not saying much these days. It is also the only single-player focused Star Wars game by EA that released recently. EA doesn’t normally release single-player focused games as they think, or used to think, that single-player games are dead. There was another single-player focused Star Wars game that was in development, but it was canceled by EA before any official announcements were made. The canceled game is often referred to as Project Ragtag.

The game was in development at Visceral Games, the developers behind the Dead Space franchise and Battlefield Hardline. The development studio was closed down and the game was canceled, so the beloved project never saw the light of day.

Former Visceral Games Producer Zach Mumbach recently talked with the MinnMax Show where he detailed the canceled game. He claims that their title could have been the "best Star Wars game ever made."

“I think we would have made the best Star Wars game ever made. That's not knocking on any other Star Wars games by the way. The story and the setup and the characters... like, man it was set up for success but what we had to go execute was going to take a while,” Mumbach said in the interview. “I think even the company saw, like 'Hey, you guys are eventually going to make a crazy good game'. When we got shut down, Patrick Söderlund kept talking about PUBG. Like, 'These are the new experiences'.”

Mumbach also talked about the length of the game and one specific set-piece. Project Ragtag would have been around 12 hours long with some amazing set pieces that would remind gamers of Uncharted. The game was also taking full advantage of the Frostbite engine, especially the engine's amazing destruction physics.

“We were going to make a 12-hour experience, amazingly well-crafted. We had one set piece that was basically done, this crazy AT-ST moment that was so cool,” Mumbach said in the show. “You were on foot running from it and it was trying to hunt you down but you were more agile, slipping through all these alleyways and just barrelling through and crashing and using all the destruction of Frostbite. We were definitely looking at the Uncharted games for inspiration.”

It’s a shame that we will never be able to play this game. Many fans were looking forward to it, including me. I could never say no to a new Star Wars story anyway. Who knows, maybe after the success of Fallen Order, EA will revive the dead project? It's a longshot, but you never know.

So what do you think? Were you excited about Project Ragtag? Do you think it was a bad choice by EA to cancel the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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