Viscerafest Update The New Years, Bangs, and Blood Update!

Viscerafest Update
Viscerafest Update Steam

Viscerafest recently received a major update that introduced massive melee changes and new weapon effects. In addition to that, the developer has also added several tweaks and bug fixes.

Massive Melee Changes

Many players were found to have insufficient understanding regarding the utility and power of melee attacks. So, the developer released tweaks in this update to help newbies maximize their melee combat prowess. Now, the melee uppercut has a charge meter found below the crosshair, and doing it now pulls from the Dash Stamina meter without requiring any stamina. However, a melee uppercut prevents the player from firing weapons when fully charged.

Prettier Explosions and Weapon Effects

Previously, the bullet impact effects on player weapons were found simple and did not leave much of an impact.To tackle this issue, the developer brought several changes so now almost every weapon produces sparks, smoke poofs, and more!

Viscerafest Update

New Features
  • The Bunker Buster now fires explosive rounds.
  • The Players projectiles have received fancy impact effects.
  • The Final Boss of Chapter 2 has received a new attack.
  • The Melee Uppercut now has I-Frames along with a stronger forward push.
  • Added Killmarkers.
  • Reworked blood sprites.
  • Reworked blood effects.
  • New "Blood" inspired Blood trail effects when shooting enemies.
  • Both shotguns projectile models have been swapped out for sprite pellets with smoke trails.
  • Reworked explosion materials and sprites.
  • Reworked explosion effects.
  • Various misc sprite updates.
  • Various misc texture updates.
  • Reworked Weapon pickup sprites.
  • Reworked Deus Mortis sprites.
  • Reworked Plague Rifle sprites.
  • Tweaked scaling of on screen weapon sprites.
  • The Pung Cannon's direct impact damage has been buffed.
  • The Pung Cannon's explosive damage has been buffed.
  • The Player now starts the game and chapters with 0 armor.
  • An extra Armor pickup has been added to the start of C2L1.
  • Ammo respawn timings in chapter 2's final boss arena tweaked.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug with the Halloween skins turning back on after being disabled fixed.
  • Bug with Chapter 2's final boss getting stuck fixed.
  • Bug with Chapter 2's final boss not moving fixed.
  • Bug with Chapter 2's final boss being knocked out of mid phase transition fixed.
  • Bug with Chapter 2's final bosses music not playing upon loading a save fixed.
  • Bug with Chapter 2's final boss taking excessive damage from explosives has been fixed.

You can read more about patch notes here.

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