Victoria 3 Now Has Better Trade Routes UI in Update 1.2

Update 1.2
Update 1.2 Twitter/@PDXVictoria

Victoria 3 developers have included some changes to improve the user experience in Update 1.2, now available on PC.

One of the things noticeable in Update 1.2 is that the Trade Routes UI has been enhanced. Opening it up will present you with a sortable list of trade routes in the market. Furthermore, you can filter out any routes that you don’t own at the moment so that the interface won’t be cluttered.

New and Improved Trade Routes UI
New and Improved Trade Routes UI Paradox Development Studio

Update 1.2 also allows you to rebind keys according to your preference. You can have as many as two keys bound to a single action, great if you want an alternative button to press to do the same thing.

Rebindable Keys
Rebindable Keys Paradox Development Studio

You can read the other improvements below:

  • Trade Routes now trade using market price, rather than a computed difference between pre- and post-trade prices. Trade routes now cannot be profitable unless the price is lower in the exporting market than in the importing market.
  • Secondary war goals added in a Diplomatic Play can now be locked in at the cost of Infamy and Maneuvers, causing them to be yielded if the target backs down
  • Numerous improvements to battle initiation, including picking which units should be involved and how many units each side can bring
  • It is no longer possible to colonize a state where another country both has a claim and maintains an interest, unless you also have a claim there
  • Several claims have been added to colonizable regions where other powers should not be able to start colonies, such as Hokkaido for Japan
  • Worldwide rebalancing of Arable Land, with land generally reduced in Europe/Asia and generally increased in the Americas
  • When a Native Uprising starts, they now only get conquer wargoals on states in state regions where the Native country owns land, instead of all adjacent states
  • Maintaining additional Convoys in excess of what is needed now provides a bonus to Trade Route Competitiveness
  • Unrecognized Powers now get a special Journal Entry for becoming Recognized during the Hegemon objective
  • Colonial Clash event now triggers considerably less aggressively
  • Notifications can now be dismissed in Observer mode
  • Battles currently in progress no longer get manpower reinforcements from newly trained servicemen. Reinforcements will arrive once the battalions leave their current battle.
  • Battle Conditions now have a chance to update after having been active for several days, ensuring the tides can turn during battles
  • The Offense/Defense bonus enjoyed by Colonial Uprisings has been halved
  • You now get to choose to recruit one of 3 (instead of 2) Generals and Admirals

What can you say about the new Trade Routes UI in Victoria 3 Update 1.2?

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