Victoria 3 is Launching the Sphere of Influence this May

Prepare to spread your influence. Paradox Interactive

During the Victoria Era, the societal changes and the rapid advancement in technology resulted in empires vying for new land using new methods. This fight over markets and resources can turn friends into bitter enemies in the blink of an eye. All of these are yours to experience when the Sphere of Influence expansion pack for Victoria 3 arrives this May 6.

Fierce Competition is one feature you can look forward to. You can make use of your Prestige and not only rise to be a Great Power but even have your very own Power Bloc. You get the chance to dominate other nations through a diplomatic arrangement.

Once you have enough nations behind you, it's possible to do some Power Bloc Customization. You can choose the identity, as well as principles, of this loose alliance. You can even customize the emblems and colors of the bloc.

The Great Game

Then there's "The Great Game." This one offers new events, new journal entries, and even decisions, all decisions that's inspired by the rivalry between the Russian and British in Central Asia. It comes with a new Objective where you get to take on the role of any of the powers central to that conflict, which include Persia and Afghanistan. Don't forget to check out the newly redrawn map which highlights the many competing interests in this frontier between empires.

Other features of the Sphere of Influence expansion include:

  • Foreign Investment
    • Invest in the economic development of countries that's outside of your direct influence.
    • Make a profit from their financial success.
  • Nationalization
    • Start a Diplomatic Play to seize foreign assets in your country.
    • Prevent your wealth from going overseas.
  • Subject Interactions
    • Adjust the payments from your vassals and protectorates and even meddle in their internal politics.
  • Interest Group Lobbies
    • Domestic interest groups pursue foreign policy objectives as they promote amicable relations with some countries and hostility with others nations.
    • They can even influence the development of friendly lobbies in other nations.
  • Power Bloc Monuments
    • Get to build majestic monuments to put focus on the influence of your bloc and dominate over world events.

New Content Pack

While waiting for the expansion pack to be released, you can enjoy the Trains Bonus Content Pack, which is available free for those who own Victoria 3. This pack includes 10 new 3D models of trains which players can see carrying goods and passengers on the map. Five of these trains are from the early days of steam with the other five trains from the golden age of rail expansion.

Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence is available for $29.99.

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