Victoria 3 Update 1.3 Adds a New Agitator Role to Boost Political Movements

Victoria 3 Update 1.3 Steam/Paradox Development Studio

Yesterday was a good day for Victoria 3 fans as the game received a ton of content, both free and paid. The previously announced Voice of the People expansion was made available for purchase, and the free Update 1.3 went live for all owners of the game. Here, we will feature the latter.

A new agitator role is introduced and its job is to create or empower Political Movements. Players can also invite foreign exiled agitators to their country. The game received three new character interactions: Exile Character, Repatriate Exile, and Royal Marriage. A New Law group called Land Reform and a new Church and State Law known as State Atheism were added as well. Eight new achievements have been introduced as well.

The rest of the highlights of the update are mentioned below.

Major Features in Update 1.3

  • New "Character Interaction" system adds ability to interact directly with characters in your country (script extensible for modders)
  • Reworked Law Enactment mechanic, putting a law through three phases before it is passed
  • Reworked Revolution Progression mechanic with a plethora of new Revolution events
  • Politics Overview Panel overhaul providing easier overview of your Loyal and Radical Interest Groups, among other enhancements
  • New Political Movements panel giving you a breakdown of supporting Interest Groups, Agitators, and Pops
  • New Revolution map marker and visuals
  • New Distribution of Power Laws: Single-Party State, Technocracy
  • New Economic System Law: Industry Banned
  • "Petition" Journal Entry lets Interest Groups in government encourage the passing of their desired laws
  • Country border rework for France, Algiers, parts of Africa and Germany


  • Added a "Supported Law Canceled" modifier that radicalizes a placated movement when their law enactment is canceled
  • Political Movements can no longer become revolutionary without the support of an Interest Group
  • Added an effect to create more radicals from Standard of Living changes when a country has negative Authority
  • Added Opium growing potential to states in Ottoman Empire, Mexico, New Granada and Van Diemen's Land
  • Characters are more likely to become opium addicts if their culture is obsessed with opium
  • Freed Afro-American/Caribbean/Brazilian etc. nations now get an event that ensures slavery is almost always abolished in their nation
  • Added Coal and Gold potential to Morocco and the Sahara to account for historic coal and silver fields
  • Added Whaling Station potential to a few states around the world based on historic catch data

You can read about every single change made by the update via Steam. Victoria 3 can also be purchased from there for only $39.99.

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