Victoria 3 First Immersion Pack Arriving May 22

The first ever.
The first ever. Paradox Interactive

The first-ever Immersion Pack for Victoria 3 is launching May 22. Titled Voice of the People, it challenges players to handle some of the greatest political agitators in history.

It introduces the Agitator system along with dozens of historical figures which have been known to break convention and build political power through the force of their personality. Get ready to meet intellectuals in the likes of Mikhail Bakunin, conservative militarist Georges Boulanger, and voice for freedom Frederick Douglas, among others.

Features of this upcoming Immersion Pack include:

  • More than 60 New Historical Characters
    • Explore new alternate histories with real historical characters including John Brown, Emmeline Pankhurst, and Enver Pasha.
  • Special Agitator Actions
    • Help agitators by promoting them to lead interest groups or send them into exile to blunt their impact.
    • Players can also, in some cases, invite other nations’ exiles into their society to take advantage of their ideas.
  • Unique French Content
    • New events, journal missions, and decisions inspired by French history.
    • Get advantage in Northern Africa, back one of many royal claimants, or establish a strong French Empire in Europe and worldwide.
  • New French Buildings
    • Historic structures from France added to the map.
  • New Art
    • A paper map unique to Voice of the People, wrapped in a new art nouveau appearance.
    • New animations for revolutions highlight the interest groups in revolt, and new clothing and uniforms are added for many societies.

Voice of the People is priced at $14.99 and those who pre-order can get an extra three historical French characters: the great Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, author and political thinker Alexis de Tocqueville, and French military advisor to Shogunate Japan Jules Brunet.

At the same time that the Immersion Pack is released, players can enjoy a free major update. The update comes with the new Agitator System, which allows individual characters to push for political reforms that may not be available or desired by the current government. Prepare as well for new political ideologies coming to France, world map changes, and reworks of the legislative and revolutionary processes.

Victoria 3 is available on PC.

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