Vampire Survivors: Here's Why Gennaro is a Good Hero for Noobs

My name is Gennaro. poncle

At first glance, Vampire Survivors seems easy to play. However, once you've started the battle, you'll realize that there are many things to consider and having a good strategy could help you survive longer.

It all starts when you're asked to choose a character. By default, there should be 11 base characters and if you're new, your best option would be Gennaro Belpaese.

Don't Go for the D

Since the game has players try to survive for a certain period, new ones often pick those with good "defense." There's Poe Ratcho, for example, who's starting weapon is the garlic. The garlic places an aura which deals damage to every enemy inside of it. While this may look good, it really doesn't help since it makes you too reactive. In addition, Poe starts the game with -30 max health.

Another is Krochi Freetto, who starts the game with one revival and gains one more revival at level 33. This may be good news but it isn't if you don't get the weapons you want.

Cuts Like a Knife

Speaking of weapons, Gennaro's starting one is the knife. The thing is, the knife is weak at the start but that shouldn't bother you because pretty much all weapons suck at level one. As you level up the weapon, you get to fire additional knives and get an increase in base damage. By level four, you should be firing at least four knives.

The main passive item that works well with the knife is the bracer as it increases projectile speed by 10% per level. Of course, there are other passive items that also pair well like spinach, which raises base damage per level increase.

However, the bracer can be used to evolve the knife into the Thousand Edge. What it does is shoot a never-ending stream of knife projectiles.

By the way, another reason why the knife is a good starting weapon is because the projectile is shot in the direction you are moving or last moved. This makes it easy for you to find a path when you're getting overwhelmed by enemies.

Another One

Another reason why Gennaro is good for newbies is because of his ability, which is "Permanent +1 projectile." While the knife does release more projectiles the higher the level, this ability also affects other weapons. If you pick up the whip, you get two horizontal slashes instead of one.

Gennaro also works well if he picks up the Lightning Ring. This is because the weapon is best paired with the Duplicator which increases the number of projectiles.

Last Words

Of course, this advice wouldn't work if you don't actually try. Go ahead, play Vampire Survivors and see the results. By the way, don't forget to have fun!

Vampire Survivors is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, and iOS.

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