Valve's Steam VR Showcase: All 12 Games Featured For HTC Vive [VIDEO]

Audioshield, one of the 12 VR games featured at Valve's Steam VR Showcase. VIA: Valve

Valve Software’s ‘ Steam VR Showcase ’ is Valve’s in-house platform for distributing VR games, movies, and any other future VR media. Bolstered by the sales from Steam Greenlight, small indie developers are racing into new fields like Virtual Reality. Here are the 12 games featured in Valve’s Steam VR showcase. Pre-ordering your HTC Vive yet?


Arizona Sunshine


Because there’s just not enough zombie horde murder death games, am I right?




Audioshield, one of the 12 VR games featured at Valve's Steam VR Showcase. Photo: VIA: Valve

Described as “ Audiosurf meets VR” and little else, but I’m sold on that premise alone.


Budget Cuts


A jazzy-looking VR stealth game that sees you ransacking private offices and taking out innocent security bots with impunity.


Cloudlands: VR Minigolf


Maybe not the most exciting VR title out there, but “ a beautifully landscaped course high above the clouds” sounds like a rather pretty and relaxing experience, actually. It looks intricate.


Elite Dangerous: Horizons


This cinematic trailer looks crazy cool (kind of like Commander Shepard: Revenge of the Mako on steroids), but with no gameplay footage, it’s hard to judge.


Fantastic Contraption


The team behind a popular 2008 building game strikes again with a game about building things, “the most human thing you can do.”


Final Approach


An air traffic controller VR game might not sound amazing, but the trailer opens with planes of all shapes and sizes circling over an airport in chaos as two collide in mid-air. Smashing.


Hover Junkers


Hover Junkers looks a little bit Firefly and a little bit dieselpunk, but gameplay promises to include both ship flying and combat.


Job Simulator


“Experience a simulation of the past from within our inevitable fully-automated robot future with Job Simulator,” reads the description on the Convenience Store Simulator. If this is what the future thinks of its past, I fear for our present.


Space Pirate Trainer


It’s like Space Invaders but in real time. Do you ever get to graduate to fully-fledged Space Pirate?


The Gallery: Call of the Starseed


One of the more graphically advanced and narrative games on offer.


Tilt Brush


This lets you paint light in three dimensions. I’m no artist, but that sounds dope .

So what trailer has you most intrigued? Are you interested in sandbox games like Tilt Brush and Fascinating Contraption , or are you most looking forward to the promise of plot in The Gallery: Call of the Starseed ? Just wanna play minigolf? Feel free to discuss Valve’s Steam VR showcase below.

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