Valve Is Working On A System To Auto-Mute Abusive Players

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CS GO Muted Counter Strike

Multiplayer games like CS:GO require the effort of a coordinated team. Coordination requires the necessity to communicate and strategize against enemies. This is when the need to talk with other people arises. Although most people tend to be friendlier when using comms in online games, others like taking the opposite route to chit-chat.

In order to bring down such toxicity in games, Valve is currently working on a system for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that will help in auto-muting abusive players. The system will work in a way that whenever a player gathers significant abuse reports, the game will warn the player. If the abuse report continues to be on the rise, the player will be auto-muted for everybody on the team. However, other players will be able to unmute the offender. Nonetheless, the default mute state will remain in play until the offender earns enough XP to lift the penalty.

"Because the new system is driven by reports, it lets players establish their own standards for communication and ensure that their fellow players receive anonymous feedback when they're out of line," Valve said.

The entire system is driven by algorithms. The underlying magic in the new system was not shared, but the reports will be weighed based on the offending account's playtime and reporting frequency. Valve is already testing by tracking offenders using the new system and the company also encourages players in "getting into the habit of reporting abusive players for 'Abusive Communications or Profile' when you come across them."

So, what are your thoughts on this new system? Do you think that its a great move toward cutting down the rising vocal garbage in CS:GO? Personally, I think that the system is great for the time being, but it can be further improved with time. Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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