Valorant Patch 3.02: New Update Fixes Social Features, But Lacks New Exciting Content

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Valorant just got a new update, and while it is just a minor patch, it does bring some notable fixes and improvements.

In Patch 3.02, the developers have made changes to how in-game clipping is calculated. For those who do not know, clipping means the protrusion of game and character models through walls and ceilings.

Players may have come across some guns or some agent’s hands protruding through walls. The devs have just made it so that this is less likely to happen from here on out.

Improvements to Social Features

Aside from fixing the game clipping issue, the developers have finally fixed a bug where team-voice sliders would always reset to 50 after every match.

This has been a longstanding issue, and players will surely love the fix as they do not have to tinker with the volume sliders ever so often anymore.

In addition, some bugs that were found on the Hover Card UI have been fixed. For instance, the VCT Masters Reykjavik Winner Title would no longer overlap with the Player Card. Further, the blurred background that may sometimes make notes on the Hover Card UI hard to read has been fixed.

Agent Bug Fixes

Before Patch 3.02, some players could place Raze’s Boombot through certain walls. This is no longer possible after the update.

Those who are abusing Sage’s Barrier Orb to create what is known as a “Sliver Peek” - a small gap that provides a line of sight created after sandwiching two things together - won't be able to do it again after the fix.

Lastly, KAY/0’s texture models would sometimes apply themselves to the agent’s weapon after it re-stabilizes when using NULL/cmd. Players no longer have to worry about that anymore.

Although the KAY/0 textures bug has been fixed in the latest update, it seems that a new one is found. According to Redditor @Flopalop2, using any ability immediately following KAY/0’s ultimate would result in the player unable to use that ability until they switch to a gun or melee. According to @Flopalop2, this bug can be reproduced 100% of the time and the devs should definitely look into this.

Anyway, Valorant Patch 3.02 is now live. What do you think about the latest update?

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