Valorant Addresses Latency Due To COVID-19, New Data Centers, Bug Fixes In Blog Post

Riot's Valorant will have no RNG loot boxes
Riot's Valorant will have no RNG loot boxes Dot Esports

Riot is not pleased with the ongoing surge of latency in their new game Valorant. Being a first-person competitive shooter game, Valorant has to keep high standards for latency, tick rate, optimization, and much more. The main issue with the surge in latency is the number of players. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are staying home and using up a lot of internet data. This makes it very hard for Valorant to manage all the data flowing through the servers and trying to meet the latency requirements for every player.

".@RiotSuperCakes and @RiotZiegler are back this week with some commitments on disruptive player behavior and more about what’s going on with our servers," Valorant's social channel tweeted out.

Within the post, the developers talked about multiple issues such as latency, bugs, introducing more servers, and more.

The final issue and one we hope will be solved as more regions and more datacenters come online is making sure players are being matched well with other local players, so they’re not being routed from L.A. to Chicago, for example, just because a few players in the match are on the east coast," the post reads in regards to latency issues. "This is a number and availability challenge that we hope to solve by launch: there should be healthy player populations that can find matches on their nearest data center at all times. Additionally, we are constantly evaluating where we’ll need new datacenters to fill gaps in coverage, and we’ll have more news for you when we do pick new sites.”

So, what are your thoughts on Valorant? Do you think the game is going to pop off as soon as it releases? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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