Valor 1.5.4: Resistance Update

Valor Update 1.5.4
Valor Update 1.5.4 Steam

Developers of Valor released an update focused on new additions and fixes for several in-game issues. The main new additions are Resistance, New Afflictions, and Cursed Runes, accompanied by balancing changes for Prestige, buffs, and nerfs.


With limited options for any defensive or tanky build, developers decided to open a new stat called Resistance. Each point of Resistance will reduce the players’ damage taken by 0.1%, multiplicatively.

New Afflictions

The latest update features a new Affliction which reduces the level of damage dealt by players during the round. In addition to that, all Afflictions now have an extra tier that reaches up to Tier 4, but this requires players to have strong late-game builds to handle them.

Cursed Runes

The maximum Affliction level has increased from 27 to 40, and this prompted the introduction of an extra rune tier called Cursed Runes. The players who manage to beat level 35+ Affliction will unlock and receive Cursed Runes. Previously, runes would only give four effects, but this is the first type of Cursed Rune with five effects.

Valor Update 1.5.4

  • Gold earned in the Normal gamemode increased by 20%.
  • Gold earned in the Gauntlet gamemode increased by 20%.
  • Bonus Gold/Experience earned per Affliction level: 8% > 7%.
  • Vol'Kur Basic Attack Damage: -20%.
  • Eugene Sterling Basic Attack Damage: -40%.
  • Prestige base Armor (per point): 6 > 8.
  • Prestige base Gold Earned (per point): 4 > 7.
  • Prestige base Ability Strength (per point): 6 > 5.
  • Frostbite: +15% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Movement Speed: +10% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Crowd Level Generation: +15% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Mercenary: +20% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Shield Battery: +20% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Basic Attack healing: +5% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Health regeneration: +10% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Basic Attack Speed: -10% effectiveness on new runes.
  • Ability Strength: -5% effectiveness on new runes.
Bug Fixes
  • Sanguine Rod no longer applies a score penalty when it periodically deals damage to Victoria.
  • Fixed a bug where getting the ZycoDrunk evolution in Streamer mode would keep you drunk ... forever. Sorry!

You can read more about the new update here.

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